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The rainy season is not as cold as the winter in South Korea. But we still need to wear a warm outfit to warm us from the cold rain. In this article seasonoutfit has prepared for you outfit inspiration from Korean girl idol which can make you still warm, and also can make you look stylish. Here are 8 Korean Outfit in Rainy Season, inspiration remains stylish in the rainy season.t even so, 

  1. Neck Accessories


Combine sweatshirt with checkered scarf. Add the beret to be more stylish and not cold.

  1. Dark colors


With a black turtleneck combined with a long skirt matching the boots. Dark colors make the body look warm.

  1. Casual


You can also combine striped shirts with high waist jeans. Add beanie for accessories. You will still look stylish in the rain.

  1. Long dress and outer


Way by combining knitted long dress with denim jacket. More fashionable but simple. You will still look cool and will be the center of attention when it rains.

  1. Cute


Rose Blackpink looks chic by combining sweaters with ripped jeans and boots. You will still look fashionable and will be the center of attention of the men around you.

  1. Extreme


Swag style by using street style is still cool to take pictures and casually walk under the rainy season. You will still look fashionable and will become more cantic dinmata the men when the rain comes.

  1. Calm in the warm outer


You will look cute with a sweater and long coat, in addition to warmer it also helps you more safely do not feel exposed to rain water splash

  1. Fluffy


You will feel warm with fluffy coat. He combines it with a knitted scarf that makes it look warmer. Surely this fashion can warm your body in the rain. You will also look fashionable and will be the center of attention of the men around you.


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