Beach is almost here. Let’s prepare yourself to enjoy the sun at the beach. Find the chicest swimsuit and stuck up on all the stuff you need to hit the sand and sea like a pro. All you need is some accessories that are essential for the ultimate beach outing. Take a look at these 10 best accessories that you need to enjoy summer at the beach below and let the fun begin.

1. Microfiber Beach Towel

Microfiber beach towel

This microfiber beach towel is made from microfiber, which dries you off quickly and lets the sand slip away completely with a simple shake. This is perfect for holiday because it have an extra large size to cover a whole sun bed and have a handy hook to hang it out to dry. 

2. Portable All-Weather and Sun Umbrella

Portable all-weather and sun umbrella

Back up your sunscreen with this giant umbrella that will keep you and your friends safe from the rays. With side panels for extra coverage and wind flaps for ventilation and airflow, you’ll get everything you need.

3. Extra Large Waterproof Floating Case

Extra large waterproof floating case

Enter the waterproof case that will keep your phone, keys, money, or anything else you carry high and dry. This case is using 2 layers of high quality PVC plastic which ensures maximum waterproof protection and long term use. You can also take photos & video in a snap with the double sided crystal clear window up to 100 feet underwater. Cool, huh?

4. Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Sand escape beach blanket

This blanket is a family-sized blanket that made with parachute material, so sand won’t stick to it. It has sand-anchor pockets to weigh the blanket down, ensuring it won’t blow away. Great!

5. Handy Mat

Handy mat

Opt for a woven mat that is bright and durable for sturdier and more substantial protection.

6. Chair with Cooler

Chair with cooler

If you’re looking for the ultimate in beach comfort, sit yourself down in this comfy, fold-able chair that comes complete with an armrest cooler.

7. Inflatable Lounger

Inflatable lounger

This inflatable one that you can simply fill up in seconds — no pumping required. Just whisk it through the air to inflate. This air longer also has a patented pillow shaped headrest design that gives your upper back and neck comfortable support when you need relaxation most.

8. Cooler with Hard Liner

Cooler with hard liner

Be sure to have their fave chilled beverage on hand when you bring this light yet spacious cooler.

9. Unicorn Float

This sparkly unicorn pool float inflates to over 5’ wide! It’s truly gigantic, and a fun way to float around in the pool, lake or beach all summer long.

Unicorn float

This sparkly unicorn pool float inflates to over 5’ wide! It’s truly gigantic, and a fun way to float around at the beach. Let’s show everyone that you’re a magical beach princess by reclining on your very own unicorn.

10. Cool Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses

Channel your inner retro bathing beauty with vintage-style glasses that are so affordable, you won’t even be afraid to get them wet.