In this post, seasonoutfit will show you DIY BB Cushion ingredients. Here will be explained what materials and tools are in need. The following are the 8 Materials to be prepared:

  1. Cushion case


Case bb cushion used and discharged. Wash thoroughly before use.

  1. Sunscreen


You can use your favorite sunscreen or sunblock. The BB Cushion must be complete not only as a base of makeup but also there must be a content that can protect our skin from the evil sunlight.

  1. Moisturizer


Do not forget the moisturizer also added in the add. Moisturizer or face moisturizer usually consists of various minerals and vitamins as well as a mixture of water that can help moisturize the face.

  1. BB Cream


Prepare your favorite BB cream according to each skin type. function like foundation but with a lighter and more fluid formula.

  1. Foundation


Who wants to add extra coverage can add foundation in batter BB Cushion that you guys you. The foundation function is to disguise imperfections on the face, such as acne scars, fine wrinkles, or uneven skin tone. To get the most results, we must use a foundation that matches the skin type.

  1. Primary


For you who want BB Cushion of his more long lasting can be added primer. primer like a thin layer or base coat. gives a perfect closure and reduces the luster due to excess oil on facial skin to give the final look of the face looks smooth and charming.

7. Serum


Its function is to moisturize and make skin feel tight. Usually this product is used as a primer to make the makeup stick and last longer. Enriched with aloe vera extract content of Pro Vitamin B5 and vitamin E as a petrified antioxidant keeps skin healthy.



The main function of this makeup tool is to disguise deficiencies in the face. Acne scars, black spots, eye bags, we can finish by relying on this concealer.