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Author: nadia

Summer hats

9 Trendy Ways to Style Your Summer Hats This Year 

Summer won’t be complete without cute summer hats! Summer hats play important roles in protecting you against the dangerous ultraviolet rays and the midday summer heat. Moreover, they also boost your style. You can experiment with a lot of looks with your summer hats They…

Camo shirt
Women Style

8 Men’s Fashion Items Women Can Wear Beautifully 

Some men’s fashion items are definitely made for women. No arguing they just look so perfect hugging women’s bodies or being carried to complement or accessorize women’s fashion. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid shopping at the male section or wearing your boyfriend’s fashion items….

Thick mohawk fade
Men Style

Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men 

If you are not the type who works an office 9 to 5 job, and instead more of the artsy, edgy, rebellious type who work for yourself or a manly blue collar job that doesn’t require you to dress neatly, expressing yourself through the right,…

Undercut hairstyles
Women Style

9 Most Interesting Undercut Hairstyles for Women 

Undercut is not only enjoyed and celebrated by men. These days, many ladies sport this daring hairstyle and look very good on it. There are many cool undercut hairstyles that give some modern, vibrant, and eye-catching style. Since it’s very versatile, you can choose from…