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Author: Rangga Pramudia


8 Concealer Colors and Their Functions 

Makeup lovers must know this one item. Concealer or facial color correction is often a flagship product to mask imperfections on facial skin. For example, black eye bags, reddish, black stains, and much more. The development of the world of makeup is so rapidly making…


10 Make Up Steps to Use Concealer 

Concealer provides benefits to mask imperfections on facial skin. Tricks make up with this concealer you can apply before using other cosmetics on the face. Here are 10 Make Steps to Use Concealer that you must know. Do not Forget Using Foundation sourceĀ  Flatten your…


8 DIY materials to make BB Cushion 

In this post, seasonoutfit will show you DIY BB Cushion ingredients. Here will be explained what materials and tools are in need. The following are the 8 Materials to be prepared: Cushion case source Case bb cushion used and discharged. Wash thoroughly before use. Sunscreen…