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Category: Women Style

Women Style

10 Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors on Pinterest 

Pastel colors were originally used in trendy dressings, but nowadays pastel colors have been used to dye hair. Coloring your hair with pastels is an easy and fun thing to change your total look. The best thing about this coloring trend is the possibility to personalize it according to your taste. You can keep your natural hair color and get some pastel highlights that complement or search for funky pastel rainbow hair.

Summer hats

9 Trendy Ways to Style Your Summer Hats This Year 

Summer won’t be complete without cute summer hats! Summer hats play important roles in protecting you against the dangerous ultraviolet rays and the midday summer heat. Moreover, they also boost your style. You can experiment with a lot of looks with your summer hats They…

Camo shirt
Women Style

8 Men’s Fashion Items Women Can Wear Beautifully 

Some men’s fashion items are definitely made for women. No arguing they just look so perfect hugging women’s bodies or being carried to complement or accessorize women’s fashion. Therefore, you don’t have to avoid shopping at the male section or wearing your boyfriend’s fashion items….


8 Types of Eyebrows Tattoos 

Talk about the types of eyebrows tattoos, of course you will be a little confused to choose which type. This type of eyebrows tattoo will usually depend on your eyebrows model. Here are 8 types of eyebrows tattoos that you must know. 2D Eyebrows Tattoo…

Hair Style

10 Worthy Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length 

Your wedding dress is take a huge part of your wedding day look. But there are so much more to consider; bridal accessories, wedding makeup and of course, wedding hair style. No matter what style your hair is, it is a make-or-break detail that pulls your whole look together. Worry not, because we have pulling together 10 worthy wedding hairstyles for every length below. From beautiful braids to bombshell buns, scroll on for some inspiration.

9 beach wedding dresses design ideas to inspire you
Women Style

9 Beach Wedding Dresses Design Ideas to Inspire you 

Nothing is more romantic than having a wedding on a beautiful sandy beach with the sound of the ocean as the soundtrack. But you need to find the best beach wedding dress to make your special day become perfect. When choosing a beach wedding dress, consider a shorter style because getting sand trapped in your dress could easily damage it and will be annoying; choose a varied length skirt. On a beach, the weather is a bit hot and you will get plenty o sunshine, so choose a breathable fabric; chiffon.

Look for a casual style and do not rely on heels. There is always the moment that you will face a strong breeze, so try to limit any loose accessories on your weeding outfit that might blow around. Now check out these 9 beach wedding dresses design ideas to inspire you below.