10 Tips of Denim on Denim Combinations for Women

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Denim is an outfit that is always in your closet. This outfit is easy to combine with any other outfit. However, one of the most popular styles is 'Denim...

9 Summer Maxi Dresses for Every Height Imaginable

9 summer maxi dresses for every height imaginable
Maxi dress is become more and more popular lately, especially for summer outfit. It is not only to wear in the evening but in everyday life, too. From a leisure outfit into a formal one, you still can wear this maxi dress. You can pair it with sneakers, pair it with a denim jacket, or simply add a belt to accentuate your small waist. Don't be afraid to wear maxi dress no matter what your height is. Check out these summer maxi dresses for every height imaginable below.

10 Veil Models for Round Face and Cheeky Cheeks

If you have a round face shape, you may often feel less confident when wearing a veil for some things. There are some people who complain because their faces...

8 Ways to Wear Wide Leg Pants But Still Make You...

In fashion, wide leg pants come and go to become a trend. Because of its design, wide leg pants will always be comfortable to wear on all occasions. The problem is, sometimes wide leg pants can make a fat impression on you if you can’t find the right pair ofit. So, what should you do so that you look much slimmer while wearing wide leg pants? Just check some ways below.

9 Spring Fashion Trends That Are Becoming The Most Popular This...

Spring fashion trends
The spring has always come with beautiful and unique spring fashion trends that are worth to try and adopt. The warmer weather which is just at the right temperature...

10 Gorgeous Ways To Dress With Midi Tulle Skirt In Style

What is Tulle? Tulle or you may call it net or tutu is a very lightweight and fine netting material. Tulle most commonly used for wedding gowns, veils and now extensively being used in skirts. So if you want to wear something girlish, sweet and flirty, then we recommend to try on tulle skirt. In recent years, we see lots of fashionistas and trendsetters wearing this adorable skirt in the streets. We found ways to transform the childhood dress-up staple into daytime and evening looks that will get you through the season.

8 Color Combinations That Are Surprisingly Awesome

8 color combinations
People will tell you to stick to color combinations that have been tested and tried throughout the civilizations and remain great, such as neutral tones with bright colors, black...

10 Mix & Match Ultraviolet Outfit Trend in 2018

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At the end of the year is synonymous with the latest trends in the fashion trend, including in terms of color. Toward the end of 2017 and entering 2018,...

9 Blouse Models for Fat Woman Fashion Trend

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Feeling lack of confidence because of the big body shape? Should you diet first if you want to use a beautiful blouse? You can use a beautiful blouse and...

These Are The Most Stylish Types of Pencil Skirts

Pencil skits
The pencil skirt was first created and made popular by Christian Dior in the 1950s. The skirt was such a revolution in the women's fashion world since the item...

10 Best Evening Gown Inspiration Countries

Various competitions were held to assess which state representatives matched the Miss Grand International crown. Starting from national costume competition, swimsuit competition, deep interview and evening gown competition. If...

Short Wedding Dress Design Ideas In 2018

We definitely love the biggest of wedding dresses, with the longest of trains around here. But sometimes, there's nothing like a short wedding dress to show off your modern style, not to mention those rocking legs -no doubt a result of some serious pre-wedding barre workouts-. Wearing a short wedding dress is a style status symbol! More and more modern brides are opting to skip the big bridal moment for something short, sweet, and super cool. They are also a great choice to wear at a bridal reception, as they do not limit your movements as much as a ball gown does for dancing and celebrating. Pppst.. The plus side is you can go to the toilet without assistance..

10 Stylish Ways to Wear A Sports Jersey

Athletic and casual attire has become increasingly modern over the years. With this trend, even sports shirts became fashionable. Real sports jerseys are not considered a wardrobe must-have among the style set. But we’ve discovered it’s possible to take a shirt from the team of your choice and turn in into an outfit MVP with the right inspiration. For the ladies that want to hop on this trend you can simply borrow it from your boyfriend’s closet (or buy one as a good investment) and style it in one of the following ways.

8 Korean Outfit in Rainy Season, Stylish and Stay Warm

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The rainy season is not as cold as the winter in South Korea. But we still need to wear a warm outfit to warm us from the cold rain....

8 Bra Types Which The Most Needed by Women

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There are various types of bras that circulate in the market. Every time you want to buy a bra, there may be always new products and bra types that...