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Tips To Use Nail Polish 

Smear it for three times For make your nail polish results become nice and neat, you only need to smear it for three times. Take a little paint on the end of the brush, smear on the bottom of the nail, drag to the right…

Featured image skinny jeans
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9 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Favorite Skinny Jeans 

A well-fitting pair of skinny jeans of neutral color should always be a woman’s best friend since it is probably the most versatile item in everybody’s wardrobe. There are myriad ways to style this easy-to-obtain item. The figure-flattering characteristic is one of the secret why…

Fashionable ways to wear snekaers for men
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8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Sneakers for Men 

Sneakers will always be worldwide’s favorite footwear item, no matter what season or time of the year it is. Sneakers come with a very diverse options of styles and colors so they can be matched with almost anything. Here are some of the most fashionable…

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12 Adorable Playsuits To Wear This Summer 

Playsuits are one to wear in summer when you want to throw it on and be adorable and out the door in 2 seconds.They are sexy, easy, playful, and comfortable to wear. They have never been more stylish and the best thing about them is that they can be dressed up or down to suit whatever the occasion. There are so many styles, fabrics, fits, and colors to choose. You can wear a romper and no other clothes and be set. or you can combine it with accessories if you’d like to inject a little sense of style into your playsuit.

Women Outfit

9 Ways to Fashion for Plus Size Chic to Look Fashionable 

To look fashionable for plus size is not difficult to have when you find perfect outfit. It’s because the perfect size is comfortable to wear and make you more confident. You can wear your favorite outfit  such as jumpsuits, skirts, or jeans with your favorite color. Don’t hesitate to apply bright color as one of the efforts to look chick and stylish. Here, you’ll find some tips and ideas to look fashionable.

10 graduation outfit cover
Men Outfit

10 Awesome Graduation Outfit For Guys 

Have you prepare the outfits for your graduation this year? This special moment need some hours to look perfect. But, it will not be a big problem any longer if you choose one of these graduation outfits style for one of the best event on your life.

Women Outfit

12 Denim Dresses For The Smart Casual Look 

Smart casual basically means dressing in a slightly more luxurious relaxed way by creating clothing that is neat, fashionable, and accessorized outfit. Wearing a denim dress is a safe choice if you try to dress smart casual look. Complete your smart casual clothing with accessories, bags and shoes that elevate your overall look.

Skinny women
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10 Fashion Rules for Skinny Women 

For skinny women, many problems in fashion are faced. Sometimes, they can be very confused when having to choose the right fashion style. Instead look cool, wrong picking clothes can make them more mocked. Choose Dress Style Two Pieces Choosing trousers and t-shirts or skirts…

Short women
Women Style

10 Fashion Tips for Short Women 

In general, many women feel inferior and less confident with their relatively short posture. This is certainly reasonable because the ideal image of a woman is that has a tall and slender body. There are certain things in the dress that can make us seem…