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10 Adorable White Pants Work Outfit Ideas to Improve Your Look

In working or running a business, proper work outfit is an important thing to support you. Especially for women, work outfit doesn’t only make you comfortable in doing activities but also improve your look. When you’re confident with your look, it’s good  for your performance in work. To look formal but stylish you can choose white pants because it will be very easy to combine with any color blouse or cardigan. Here, you’ll find the ideas.

Incredibly Sexy Prom Dresses for Teens to Steal Hearts

Prom is a special event for every teenage girl, so it is important to have the best dress for this special night. If you...

10 Minimalist Geometric Jewelries To Accessorize Your Look

More geometric jewelry around us than we can imagine. Wearing minimalist geometric jewelry can add a touch of glam to your look while remaining elegant and sophisticated. These jewelry pieces are easily combined with a variety of fashion styles and you can customize them according to the latest fashion trends without much effort.

Glamour-Boasting and Simple Prom Makeup Ideas

Prom night! What do you think when you hear that prom night is going to be held in your school soon? For you girls, you all might think about the dresses, makeup, and delight dance party. Here, you can get some glamour-boasting makeup ideas but simple and easy to apply by yourself. Let's check the ideas below!

10 Most Popular Ombre Color For Long Hair

Ombre comes from the French word meaning "shadow" or "shade". Ombre style is so versatile, this explains why this trendy style shows no signs...

10 Ways to Wear Timberland Boots If You are a Girl

Timberland is one of those footwear that remains a part of fashion. Its material is long lasting and stylish so it's always favored by fashion lovers. You can find there are many people who like to wear timberland to support their activities. Even this is also made and designed specially for children to make them comfortable in winter. Essentially, this kind of boot can be weared for all ages. The question is, what clothes are suitable to be combined with timberland? In this post, we have prepared some suitable outfit references to be combined with timberland, especially if you are a girl these are for you.

10 Catchiest Fringe Scarf Trends for Women in 2018

Almost women love to wear scarf either to support your outfit or just to warm you. Indeed, with scarf you can feel comfortable and also stylish. There are so many kinds of scarves with various of colors, materials, and beautiful patterns. Especially, fringe scarf design that trends in this year. Combining a scarf with your best clothes will definitely make your look more fascinating. Today, you’ll find some ideas to combine it with jeans or dresses.

10 Boho Chic Fashion Ideas You Should Try Now

Boho is basically Bohemian's short name. Chic means someone who has a great sense of fashion and is used in the same context only for women. Boho fashion style is very easy to understand, it works on a simple concept of being natural and showing individuality. Talking about the choice of colors, there should be a preference towards earth colors, however there is no rule for this as well. One can wear even bright colors such as magenta, orange and even fluorescents. Long flowing gowns, headbands, lots of bracelets, anklets, boots and all over the hippie look are definitely great for your style. Unleash the inner goddess in you by outfitting your attire with these beautiful boho chic pieces for this year.

8 Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors On Pinterest

Pastel hair color is a fun way to change your appearance. It's no secret that pastel hair colors are totally having moment right now. The best thing about this trends is the possibility to personalize according to your taste. You can keep your natural hair color and get some pastel highlights that complement or search for a rainbow of pastel rainbow, the possibilities are endless.

13 Best Natural Makeup Ideas for Any Season

Makeup is one of the important things that women need. Whatever your eye’s color, you will look beautiful by accentuating your natural beauty. However, natural makeup is best for your daily activity. You don’t need to spent long time to do it because natural makeup is easy to apply. Simple but look beautiful and fresh, that's a natural makeup special for you.

Cool Ideas to Spice Up Your Light Brown Hair

Light brown is a haircolor that match for almost every type of skin tone. Especially for you who have brown eyes, it’s cool haircolor. If you are bored with it but still want to keep the color, you can spice up your light brown hair with these tips. There are some techniques to spice up your hair you can choose. You can check them as follows:

Adorable Pleated Tulle Midi Skirt to Inspire You

Have you ever admirated ballerina dancer who wears tulle skirt? They look so beautiful right? You can also look beautiful and graceful by wearing tulle skirt at some occasions. Wearing inflated tulle skirt usually pair with cluth and high heel. Perhaps you are looking for matching top pair with tulle skirt, you’ll get it below.

12 Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Thin Hair

Hairstyles for thin hair is not so easy to create, so it need the right hairstyle. First of all, treating your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner and try to opt for hairstyles with lifted roots.

10 Womes’s Outfit Essentials You Need for Summer Break

When summer come, the thing to think is how to get away the heat with style. From sexy beachwear and colorful tops to breezy dresses and hot hats, there are million ways to enjoy the summer.

10 Best Casual Styles with Black Sunglasses

Going out with friends or go shopping at week-end can be an interesting activity to distract your boring daily routin. To enjoy your fun time when you are outside you may need to sunglasses to keep your eyes comfortable. Wearing a black sunglasses is match with casual style. Surely, this is a ver nice thing to enjoy your day confidently. In this post, you’ll find some casual styles with black sunglasses that will make you look good.