10 Easy Ways to Accessories Your Look During Summer

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Summer seems identical with warm, beaches, and fun holidays. In this season, you may need something new to make over your look. It’s not always about new dress to look different during summer. You can combine your dress collections with accessories. So that, you will look fresh every time you put them on.

  1. Hat is a Must in this Season

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Wearing hat or headware is a must when you are outside. It beautifies your look and protects your hair from ultraviolet exposure directly. Moreover, it shows you care to yourself as well.

  1. Sunglasses as Accessories and Your Eyes Protection

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Going out in summer requires sunglasses to protect your tired eyes in daylight. Especially when you go to the beach, this is optimal way to keep your eyes comfortable and also stylish. Wearing sunglasses makes your look so awesome and beautiful.


  1. Summer Scarves are Nice to Wear When the Sun Goes Down

    Summer scarves
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Scarve is not only needed in winter, it also suitable to wear during summer. You can choose the scarve made by slight and soft material. Fit the motif and the color of it with your V-neck blouse or dress. It wraps you in enjoying sunset.


  1. Huge Statement Earrings Combine with Off-Shoulder Blouse

    Statement earrings
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Stament earrings will emphasize you look on ears. When you wear statement earring, it’s better to avoid necklace at the same time because it looks too full. Just pair with off-shoulder blouses or dresses to show your beautiful neck.

  1. Chokers Return in this Season

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Chocker is never too old in this season. There are many kinds of choker, it’s okay to wear simple or layer choker. Besides, the various of colors and design of choker you can pair it with off-shoulder blouses or dresses.

  1. Strap Leather Watch is Timeless

    Strap watch
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Next, strap leather watch will make your hand so lovely. The advantage of this type is timeless and suitable to wear in formal or informal event. You can combine it with casual outfit or dresses.

  1. Belt to Make Your Waist looks Narrower

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Other accessories are hit in this season is belt. Sometimes, you hesitate to wear your old dress just embed belt to make it look different style. It will make your waist narrower and tidy.


  1. Bright Shoes are a Hit in this Season

    Bright shoes
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Actually, bright shoes is trendy last year. In this season, it still be favorite for most of women. There are bright colors are hit such as nude, cream, peach, and white. These colors are pretty to combine with casual outfits or above knee dresses.

  1. Flat Tied Ankle Goes to Anywhere

    Tied ankle
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Wearing flat tied ankle makes you more comfortable to take a walk outside. It’s so cute when you pair with mini dress. Complete with round crossbody and you will looks so stylish and trendy.

  1. Simple Sling Bags are Stylish During Summer

    Round bag
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As the final touch for your look in this summer, sling bag will complete your style. The trendy design in this year is round. There are many various of motifs and colors you can take to carry your mobile phone and wallet.


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