10 Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles to Try

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Many things you can to do to spend your holiday. One of them is attend some holiday parties with your friends. Perhaps, you are thinking about the dress or hairstyle you should try? These are the inspirations you can try to make a gorgeous holiday hairstyle. Let’s check it out!

  1. Beautiful Side-Braid

    Source : Cosmopolitan

If you have wavy long hair, you can try side-braid by pulling your hair to right or left side. It depends on your preference and comfort. You need to braid your hair start from the shoulder until the end. This hairstyle will make you look more feminine and girly.

  1. Awesome Braid for Your Thick Hair

    strand braid
    Source : Cosmopolitan

For this hairstyle you need much time to do. Besides, you also need to ask your friend to help you to braid your hair because it’s quite difficult to do by yourself. First, you have to divide your hair into five strands and then braid them until finish. Next, tie your hair in the shoulder, in the middle, and in the end. Use silver gold elastic to beautify your hair.

  1. Dutch Braid on the Crown

    dutch braid
    Source : Cosmopolitan

Have you ever braided your hair with Dutch braid? Well, this hairstyle is fit to be an accessory for your hair. Braid it start from the crown until the end, then embed the tip behind your ears.

  1. Sweet Wavy Bob

    wavy bob
    Source : Cosmopolitan

When you are bored with your straight bob hairstyle, now you need a curling iron to blow it out. Let your hair unravel on the right side, while bobby pin on another. Now, you are ready going night out confidently.

  1. Lovely Short Hairstyle

    short and sweet
    Source : Cosmopolitan

If you have thin short hair, you need to apply mousse to make your hair pliance and easy to style. Then, blow and roll your hair on the crown sufficiently. This style is hit in 60’s and even still for your short hair right now.

  1. Bun Your Natural Curly Hair

    Source : Cosmopolitan

Voluminous bun hairstyle is fit for you who have curly hair. Apply mousse or coconut oil based-product into your curly hair. So that, it will be easy to bun. Add cute accessories to embellish your  hair.

  1. Stunning Strands to Your Sleek Hair Look

    stunning strands
    Source : Cosmopolitan

If you are a woman who likes simple hairstyle, you need to try this style. Straighten your long hair and then apply anti-frizz product to make it looks sleek. Finally, crown beautiful strand accessory into your hair.

  1. Simple Ponytail Hairstyle

    Source : BAZAAR

Other simple hairstyles you can try is ponytile. Trust us, it’s so simple as easy as you tie your hair up tighly. Besides, it won’t take time too long to do. This hairstyle will show your beautiful neck as well.

  1. Pin Your Hair

     pin it
    Source : BAZAAR

If you don’t mind to embed pin into your hair, just do it. It’s cool way for you to have perfect hairstyle by matching the color of the pin with your lipstick.

  1. Long Braid to Attend a Party

    long braid
    Source : BAZAAR

This hairstyle is so elegant for you who has straight long hair. Just braid your hair until the end and then tie the tip by using dark elastic. Now, you are ready to the party.

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