12 Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for Women with Thin Hair

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Hairstyles for thin hair is not so easy to create, so it need the right hairstyle. First of all, treating your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner and try to opt for hairstyles with lifted roots.

Voluminous Ends

Voluminous ends

Avoid a lifeless half-up or half-down and spray your hair onto damp ends before you finish styling. You can also add veil to your hairstyle (optional)

Super Sculpted

Super sculpted

To fake your volume-on short hair, use a heavy-duty sculpting pomade to keep strands from falling flat.

Deep Side Part

Deep side part

This Hairstyle is the easiest and the fastest way to create dramatic oomph.

Flipped-Out Sides

Flipped-out sides

Flipped-out sides can instantly adds width to your hair that will otherwise lay limp just like Farrah Fawcett’s hairstyle.

High Messy Ponytail

High messy ponytail

The pins holding the sides of the hair in place are also help you to prop up the front of your hair for more height.

Asymmetrical French Braid

Asymmetrical french braid

Plump up you’re a pulled-back look by French Braiding one side to make it stick out a little further from your scalp without looking unrefined or messy.

Pixie with Pushed Back Bangs

Pixie with pushed back bangs

Add a little wax or pomade to the front and push it backwards of short hair, so it sticks up a bit to give the impression that the rest of your hair is fuller.

Loose Spiral Braid

Loose spiral braid

Instead of a tight three-strand braid that shrink the look of already-fine hair, try deeply parting your hair loosely twisting two sections to the side, just like Kirsten Dunst above.

Subtle Bouffant

Subtle bouffant

A little volume at the crown of the head gets the job done.

Not-So-Subtle Bouffant

Not-so-subtle bouffant

Feel free to go bigger with your bouffant, especially for dressier occasions.

Shaggy Lob

Shaggy lob


The long bob keeps popping up on everywhere because it can so easily voluminous limp strands. So add some textured layers to add a little boost for your look just like Emma Stone’s hairstyle above.

Half-Updo with Bangs

Half updo with bangs

A sleek yet wavy hairstyle with a little teasing towards the crown, plus thick bangs gives the appearance of fuller hair.


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