Adorable Pleated Tulle Midi Skirt to Inspire You

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Have you ever admirated ballerina dancer who wears tulle skirt? They look so beautiful right? You can also look beautiful and graceful by wearing tulle skirt at some occasions. Wearing inflated tulle skirt usually pair with cluth and high heels. Perhaps you are looking for matching top with tulle skirt, you’ll get it below.

Soft Tosca Tulle Skirt with Pink Top and Accessories

1. tosca
Source : Pinterest

Combination of soft tosca tulle skirt with pink top looks like gelato. You’ll look so cute when you are in this colors. Add matching accessories will make you gorgeous.

Purple Pleated Tulle Skirt with Cream Blazer

2. purple
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Cream blazer is fit with this purple tulle skirt. The combination of the color is chic and cheerful. Moreover, the ribbon shoes make you look like a princess.

Black Pleated Tulle Skirt with Brocade Top

3. black brocade
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Wearing tulle skirt also fit for you who like prestigious look. Black tulle skirt with brocade top is a perfect combination.

White Pleated Tulle Skirt meets Grey

4. pink
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To balance the soft tulle skirt, metallic cluth and shoes are matching. Jade bracelet and grey top is simple but look elegant on you.

Transparent Tulle Skirt with Glittering Top

5. soft purple
Source : Pinterest

For you who have long leg like a barbie, you can wear this transparent tulle skirt. The lining inside display your beautiful leg silhouette. This is matching with glittering top and the shiny bindding tape on waist.

Maroon Tulle Skirt with black Jacket

6. tape
Source : Fastfoodandfastfashion.com

Maroon tulle skirt with stripe cotton top is also good for you. Adding black waistband and bias tape make your waist looks narrower. Leather jacket and shiny shoes beautify your look as well.

Stripe Pleated Tulle Skirt with White Top

7. stripe
Source : Pinterest

To look beautiful and adorable through the day, you can also wear this stripe tulle skirt. Pair with white top and high heels will make your look perfect.

Tulle Skirt Pair with Coat and Knee Boot

8. tulle skirt with coat
Source : nothofmanhattan.com

Tulle skirt is not only fit to wear in formal event. You can also do your activity outside in a relax time by wearing tulle skirt, coat with bottons and your favorite boot. In this case, mini tulle skirt is fit to meet knee boot.

White Pleated Tulle Skirt with Denim

9. denim
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Do you want to look feminine by wearing a tulle skirt but still want to look relaxed? This white tulle skirt is fit to pair with denim jacket and statement necklace. Don’t forget to wear high heels when you wear midi skirt because it will make your legs look tall.

Dark Tosca Pleated Tulle Skirt with Pink Bolero

10. the same color
Source : thestylecafe

Here, actually you only need to match the color. The role of color is very important to make your look perfect in wearing tulle skirt. Combine dark tosca pleated tulle skirt with pink is so beautiful and chic.

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