Cool Ideas to Spice Up Your Light Brown Hair

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Light brown is a haircolor that match for almost every type of skin tone. Especially for you who have brown eyes, it’s cool haircolor. If you are bored with it but still want to keep the color, you can spice up your light brown hair with these tips. There are some techniques to spice up your hair you can choose. You can check them as follows:

Golden Light Haircolor

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For you who fancy lighter brown color, you can apply this golden light brown color into your hair. This shiny hair color will touch up your look wherever you go.

Toffee Haircolor



To have an amazing look, you can add toffee color to your dark brown hair. The light color will show your beautiful hair in every occasion.

Contrast Haircolor

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This is a combination of brown and blonde colors into a contrasting and exciting color you should try. You will look more stylish and chic about it.

Mocha Haircolor



If you like red but not too much, you can try this coffee color. The mixture of coffee and chocolate colors will make your appearance even more mesmerizing.

Fades Blon Haircolor

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If you are a woman who likes to maintain your natural hair but want to beautify it, you can try this one hair color. It will look like fades blond hair because of the sun.

Bold Blond Haircolor



When you want to look impressive, you can choose this bold hair color. transforming your brown hair to dark blonde will make you very beautiful.

Stunning Silver Haircolor



The trick to get this hair color is very unique. This is perfect for you who love ombre ash brown with stunning silver color.

Honey Haircolor



Indeed, this hair color is different with other blondes. A mixture of dark brown with honey color makes you look stylish and charming.

Reddish Yellow Haircolor



Get tanned in summer on the beach with this haircolor is interesting. You can make it by asking your hair stylist to apply this haircolor into your hair.


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