13 Best Natural Makeup Ideas for Any Season

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Makeup is one of the important things that women need. Whatever your eye’s color, you will look beautiful by accentuating your natural beauty. However, natural makeup is best for your daily activity. You don’t need to spent long time to do it because natural makeup is easy to apply. Simple but look beautiful and fresh, that’s a special natural makeup for you.


  1. Perfect Eyebrows on Your Face


Important points to accentuate your beauty are eyebrows. The role of the eyebrows is very important to make others seem to see your eyes. You won’t take long time to get this best result.

  1. Eyeshadow for Your Sexy Eyes2

After eyebrows, eyes are also very important for makeup. Add the appropriate eyeshadow and match it with your eyes. Don’t forget to apply mascara on the lashes to complement the beauty of your eyes.

  1.  Liquid Eyeliner for Your Beautiful Eyes


Applying eye liner will help you to emphasize the beauty of your eyes. Use liquid eyeliner to get amazing results. Simple hair do is also fit with this natural makeup.

  1. Simple Makeup and Activity


When you want to do activity outside, you’ll need this simple makeup. Avoid to apply  heavy makeup base on your face. Just apply some moisturizer that suits your skin tone.

  1. Makeup No Makeup5

You can be yourself and show just the way you are. This makeup no makeup is perfect for you. When you want to go to the beach, just apply waterproof mascara so your eyes look beautiful and comfortable all day long.

  1. Beautiful Blue Green Eyes


Matte lipstick and eye shadow are perfect for you who have blue or green eyes. Pink lipstick is also great for you when you have to go night out.

  1. Beautiful Blue Eyes


For you who have blue eyes, just apply light makeup base to make your skin looks fair and clean. Besides, don’t use heavy foundation especially during the daytime. Just use tinted moisturizer for your face.

  1. BB Cream for Your Natural Beauty


To get natural makeup, we recommend you to apply BB cream on your face. It’s because the composition of BB cream consists of moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation. Apply it on your forehead, cheecks, nose, and chin.

  1. Proper Concealer9

The use of concealer is important to cover the imperfection of your skin color, but not too much. Apply it should be sufficient on your face.

  1. Beautiful Brown Eyes


If you need to a long lasting concealer on your face all day long. Just apply powder first and then the concealer. The application of natural shadow in the middle of the eyelid and eye liner will make your eyelashes look full.

11.  Long Lasting Makeup


To make your makeup long lasting, don’t forget to fill your eyebrows with some powder.

  1. Skin Care at Night


To keep your skin fresh and soft, you need to maintain your skin at night. You can apply powder or cream at night before bed time. This is useful to nourish your skin.

  1. The Same Basic Ingredients


You also should consider the foundation and the primer base you will use. Both must have the same basic ingredients, whether it’s water or oil in order to blend perfectly.

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