10 Boho Chic Fashion Ideas You Should Try Now

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Boho is basically Bohemian’s short name. Chic means someone who has a great sense of fashion and is used in the same context only for women. Boho fashion style is very easy to understand, it works on a simple concept of being natural and showing individuality. Talking about the choice of colors, there should be a preference towards earth colors, however there is no rule for this as well. One can wear even bright colors such as magenta, orange and even fluorescents. Long flowing gowns, headbands, lots of bracelets, anklets, boots and all over the hippie look are definitely great for your style. Unleash the inner goddess in you by outfitting your attire with these beautiful boho chic pieces for this year.

1. Instant Look

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If you are looking forward to a casual boho look, then this is a great idea. Wearing a casual top with jeans or pants along with boots or wedges and a lovely flowing long outer will look much appreciating. Add belt wrapped around your waist as fashion statement. Do not wear much accessories and try to keep hairs open or a bun may come handy at times.

2. Knitted Cardigan

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Boho style can persist year-long in any season whether hot, humid or cold. Wearing a knitted half cardigan over casual top and leggings looks amazing. Heeled leather boots of black or neutral color along with similar colored hat and a side-bag is a great sense.

3. Off Shoulder

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Keep it fun and crispy white! Go for an off-shoulder linen white top and style it with white denim shorts, woven hat and pom-pom sandals make your boho more cheerful.

4. Flower Power

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What is more natural than the flower pattern? Try wearing the flowing dress with flowery designs and upgrade with accessories like choker, bracelet, and long earrings to gives a casual look and can be equally a party dress as well.

5. Mini That Maxi

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Focus on one item of your boho look. You can try it with this natural patterned mini skirt. Wear plain tops and few accessories so as not to overdo it.

6. Beautiful In White

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Want to look boho without much effort? You can use a croptop paired with maxi skirt flowing. Complete your look with natural color fringe bag.

7. Shades Of Grey

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Being Boho-Chic means you can wear anything and everything in a unique shape. Not always natural, gray can also be a boho with the right accessories. Wearing a metal bracelet with a heavy traditional necklace and a light natural colored dress with beautiful Boho-style embroidery is a great idea.

8. Faux Fur

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If the climate is much colder than you can think of combining your regular outfit in a Boho-style by wearing a fury half jacket over the top. Complete this look by adding a hobo brown leather shoulder bag and brown stilleto or boots

9. Hello Yellow

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Create a cheerful boho impression with a yellow mini dress with flower patterns.

10. Palazzo Pants

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Palazzo pants is a very boho item that you can wear. You can combine it with any tops you like. It works with basic shirt, knitted top with a matching color or crop top. Moreover, the art of jewelry matched properly with the pants or top is commendable.

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