10 Catchiest Fringe Scarf Trends for Women in 2018

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Almost women love to wear scarf either to support the outfit or just for warm. Indeed, with scarf you can feel comfortable and also stylish. There are so many kinds of scarves with various of colors, materials, and beautiful patterns. Especially, fringe scarf design that trends in this year. Combining a scarf with your best clothes will definitely make your look more fascinating. Today, you’ll find some ideas to combine it with jeans or dresses.

  1. Fringe Scarf with Dark Green Sweater and Ripped Jeans

1. cream

A combination of dark green sweater and ripped jeans will look lovely with a bright scarf on your neck. Add accessories will make you look cheerful and enjoy  the day for have fun.

  1. Red Cotton Scarf with Black Sweater and Jeans

2. red scarf

It’s still about sweater as the top pair with jeans. It’s matching with this red cotton scarf. The fringe boot is also fit with fringe scarf and the sweater.

  1. Thick Brown Scarf with Pensil Jeans

3. light brown

For you who have brown haircolor, you can combine this brown scarf with pensil jeans and a simple high heels. The pencil jeans will balance this thick scarf for your beautiful look.

  1. Light Brown Scarf with Oversize Flanel

4. ovesize flanel

Flannel top and ripped jeans with a little roll on the ankle are a very cool outfit todays. Moreover, coupled with a light brown scarf that matches with the suede boots will make your look perfect.

  1. Layered Rainbow Scarf with Turtle Neck Sweater

5. rainbow

Maybe other people won’t think that you’re wearing a scarf. It’s because of the similarity of the scarf and the turtle neck sweater on you. The layered color of the scarf look very beautiful which emphasizes the accent of it.

  1. Combination of Beige and Grey

6. grey

The theme in this time is grey paired with beige. The color combination will look so beautiful and elegant on you.

  1. White Scarf and Dark Outfit

7. black and white

For you who like white fringe scarf, you can combine it with black or other dark colors. Choose the same jacket or outer color as your stockings, so it will look contrasting and charming.

  1. The Same Gray Dress with Scarf

8. the same grey

You can also match your gray scarf with the same color of the dress to make you look feminine. When you are wearing under knee dress, the ankle boot is fit for you to show your beautiful legs.

  1. A Unique Dark Gray Scarf

9. dark grey

This fringe scarf is different from others because of its unique and beautiful design. Its soft material will make you feel very comfortable to wear it on your neck. The combination of dark gray with black long skirt and the top make you look very graceful.

  1. Fringe Tartan Scarf with White Dress and Stockings

10. tartan

Color and tartan style is perfect for you who like white dress and black stockings to enjoy nature outside. The brown shoes are also very important to balance the red and black colors you wear.


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