10 Most Popular Ombre Color For Long Hair

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Ombre comes from the French word meaning “shadow” or “shade”. Ombre style is so versatile, this explains why this trendy style shows no signs of slowing down. This color can be used for any hair color, from dark hair  to blonde. The best part is that ombre style is very low maintenance and you do not even need to color your whole head. Bookmark one of these gorgeous ideas to take to your next salon appointment!

1. Dark Brown to Blonde

Ombre hair 1
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Deep chocolate on the roots melts into warm blonde honey in the middle and ends with a cool light blonde at the bottom. Three colors combine to create a spinning gold effect on medium-length hair that is dull at the edges.

2. Dark Silver

Ombre hair 2
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Dark gray that has a smooth transition to lighter colors makes a trendy color combination for women who want to update their hairdo with a fresh hair color solution. Add purple or blue splash to liven this hair color.

3. Light Brown to Platinum

Ombre hair 3
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If you like simple things in life but still want to show your stlyish side, the color of this ombre is right for you. Complete the look of your ombre with long hair that is arranged in a relaxed wave.

4. Dark Minty Blue

Ombre hair 4
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Mint is your best move if you want to try pastel colors but have very dark hair. Finished in light blue, this ombre color is the perfect style for women with olive or neutral skin color and black hair.

5. Hidden Jewelry

Ombre hair 5
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The color of blond hair on the roots ending in stunning pastel colors, reminiscent us of the opal stone color. Styled your hair with half braid and let people enjoy the beauty of color combination.

6. Blue With Frosted Tips

Ombre hair 6
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This amazing style fades from the dark black to the deep midnight. Fading begins very close to the roots and then it suddenly faded into the platinum iced blue at the lower lengths, making this hairstyle look more vibrant.

7. Embrace The Sunset

Ombre hair 7
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If you want to look bold and different from most people, this color palette can be one of the right choice. Its ombre color reminds us of the beauty of the sky as the sun sets in a delightful summer day.

8. Shades Of Purple

Ombre hair 8
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Purple is a beautiful and soothing color. If you want to look feminine with purple but can not decide which color tone you want to wear, then wear it all. Do your hair with loose braids to give a cute feminine style.

9. Reverse Ombre

Ombre hair 9
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Reverse ombre is a fun color experiment for those who have thick blonde hair. You do not need to color the roots so you can keep your hair’s natural color, it means much easier to maintain.

10. Pretty In Pink

Ombre hair 10
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If you think that pink and black can not unite, then start now to get rid of the thought. Look at the combination of this sweet color, this is a good thing worth trying for those of who want to show their tender side.

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