Glamour-Boasting and Simple Prom Makeup Ideas

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Prom night! What do you think when you hear that prom night is going to be held at your school soon? For you girls, you all might think about the dresses, makeup, and delight dance party. Here, you can get some glamour-boasting makeup ideas but simple and easy to apply by yourself. Let’s check the ideas below!

  • Fresh Peach and Gold

1. peach lip

The sparkle of gold color always look glamorous at the party night. You can combine peach shade with golden dress and statement earrings. Apply fresh peach color on the cheekbone to get blushy cheeks as well as with lipstick color for your lips. Simple hairdo with bangs make you look so cute.

  • Blue Eyeshadow and Ombre Lips Color

2. ombre lip

Applying the same color for your eyes and the dress is the safest way to get perfect makeup. Create ombre color to your lips as the final touch. Blue color is an example nice color to wear at night.

  • Lovely Cherry Lips

3. red lip

When you wear a calm gray dress, cherry red lipstick is a great color for your makeup tonight. As the accessory, take statement earrings with the same color with your dress so you look more fascinating.

  • Smokey Eyes

4. smokey eyes

Beautiful eyes will make other people feel shady to see it. You can also highlight your beauty by applying this dark brown eyeshadow and mascara on your eyelashes to have pretty smokey eyes.

  • Glitter and Glossy

5.glossy lip

Create similar color of your hair and the makeup is also an interesting idea. In this case, you can apply the color of pale to grayish yellow on your eyelids and lips. Glittery eyeshadow and glossy lips make you look fresh and beautiful.

  • Dramatic Eyelashes

6. dramatic eyelash

Although you don’t apply dominant eyeshadow on your eyes, but you can still have beautiful eyes makeup with dramatic eyelashes. If necessary you can add extension eyelashes and mascara on it. For you who have long hair, you just need to pull it to the right or left side so that your statement necklace more beautify your look.

  • Barbie Eyelids

7. barbie eyelids

To have beautiful eye makeup, you can also create barbie’s eyes. You can do it by giving a thick eyeshadow on your eyelids. Then give a lighter eyeshadow on the eyebrowbone. Don’t forget to apply mascara on your eyelashes so you look like a beautiful barbie doll.

  • Nude Color

8. nude lip

Applying nude color overall from the eyeshadow, lipstick, earrings to dress is a very interesting thing. Just be prepared to be the center of attention at party night!

  • Eyeliner for Your Beautiful Eyes

9. cat eyes

Your elegance can be seen with light makeup and more emphasis on the beauty of your eyes with eyeliner. Bun your hair completely will make you look very pretty.


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