10 Minimalist Geometric Jewelries To Accessorize Your Look

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More geometric jewelry around us than we can imagine. Wearing minimalist geometric jewelry can add a touch of glam to your look while remaining elegant and sophisticated. These jewelry pieces are easily combined with a variety of fashion styles and you can customize them according to the latest fashion trends without much effort.

1. Himmeli Earrings

Minimalist geometric jewelry 1
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Traditional himmelis inspire these geometrical earrings. These earrings will look even better paired with other himmeli-inspired jewelry or on it’s own.

2. Go Square

Minimalist geometric jewelry 2
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If you want to look bold but keep it simple, you can wear square earring with this geometric motif.

3. Stacked or Solo

Minimalist geometric jewelry 3
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Soft and geometric, this ring can be worn alone or you can stack it with another ring for a unique look. Geometric minimalist jewelry is the perfect stacking accessory because it will never look over-the-top or tacky. Furthermore, you can create endless combinations according to your style and preferences.

4. Hexagon Bangles

Minimalist geometric jewelry 4
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This hexagon bracelet is a modern way to look neat and elegant.

5. Layer Power

Minimalist geometric jewelry 5
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Layered necklaces became of the most favorite trendy jewelry lately. You can find many different variations, in most cases, you can find with circular pendants which you can engrave and personalize in a way that you like. Plus, they look very delicate regardless of the layers. They are great to be worn with simple or detailed outfits.

6. Hoop Earings

Minimalist geometric jewelry 6
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Clean lines, geo shape, flat design, and highly polished are some of the earring characteristics of the most desirable minimalist earrings. They look very trendy and modern when laid out in casual clothes, professional or stylish.

7. Bar Ear Pins

Minimalist geometric jewelry 7
Source : Pinterest

If you want a distinguishable pair of earrings with a geometric touch to them, these ear pins that will instantly make your look more artsy and girly.

8. Long Pendant

Minimalist geometric jewelry 8
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The long locket necklace is always suitable because of its design and minimalist elegance that brings it to any outfit. You can wear it with a thick sweater, spring girly blouse or with your favorite summer peak.

9. Tube Rings

Minimalist geometric jewelry 9
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Tube rings are an exceptional add-on to your outfit to make it more modern and sleek. Also, these statement rings are great when comes to representing the geometric minimalist jewelry trend.

10. Geometric Statement

Minimalist geometric jewelry 10
Source: Pinterest

You can easily style this type of bracelet with your professional and business outfits. However, you can jazz up your casuals by adding a bold statement bracelets. Also, you can wear similar jewelry pieces with sneakers or heels.

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