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8 Best Hairstyles of Women that Most Preferable and Very Sexy in the Eyes of Men

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Hair is the crown of every woman. So do not be surprised if the hair is one of the female body parts that favored by men. However, the men still have the preferred of women hairstyle models. Well, for you who want to know what kinds of women hairstyles that favored by men, let’s check this out:


  1. Messy Bun

Yeah, the men really love this one hairstyle. Messy Bun or messy mess will make a woman look simple, cool, effortless, not trying to attract attention, low maintenance, support, and easily approachable. Because of that, messy bun will make women considered super sexy by the men.


  1. Wavy

Wavy hair is also favored by men. This hair model will make women look more feminine and super sexy. You will also be seen as a woman who looks after you. And lots of men prefer women with that attitude.


  1. Side-Swept

The next female hairstyle that favored by men is Side-Swept or collect all of your hair on one side of the body. Why men love this hairstyle? That’s because the Side-Swept model will make you look super classy and elegant but relaxed at the same time.


  1. Bang

Yeah, there’s no denying that flat bangs, sideways, or see-through bangs, will make women’s faces look younger, cute, and adorable. That’s why the men really like the hairstyle of women who banged.


  1. Messy Braid

The men are very fond of Messy Braid’s hairstyle or cluttered braids. Yup, Messy Braid will make every woman look more friendly, outgoing, romantic, fun, and not rigid, you know. You must try it.


  1. Bob Layer

The bob layer style or can be called bob cut is one of the best sexy hairstyles, because the back hair is milk-shaped like the hairstyles of the policewomen.


  1. Ponytail

How to make this ponytail is very easy because all the long hair however the shape can be made into a ponytail, that is enough to collect all the hair back and then pour it and let it fall naturally.


  1. Pixie Cut

By using this hairstyle a woman will look flexible and cute, besides this hairstyle also impresses you as a confident woman.


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