How to Use Fresh Natural Make-Up and Makes You Look Younger


Women feel make-up is very needed to support them the best appearance, but some of them also feel the make-up is not needed for various reasons, such as seen look too over, look older or some of them often at home. This situation is often perceived by the beginners because they don’t know how to do the right make-up, and finally give up because the ending of the result is not like they wish. At this time I will give you informations about the steps of fresh natural make-up to be applied everytime.

1. Wash your face


Clean your face with a face cleansing soap, this step is a key of requirement to start make-up. Or you can use cleansing milk and toner so that the dirt on your face disappears.

2. Use Moisturizer


Use a moisturizer and adjusting with your skin type. Override the moisturizer by using the foundation which it must adjusted by the color of your skin because of the basic selection that will make the skin look dull. Cover acne scars, black spots, and parts that are darker than skin color using concealer. For beginners who do not want to be bothered, you can use BB cream.

3. Draw Your Eyebrows Following the Original Shapes



Draw an eyebrow with following your eyebrow shape. Make a frame first. Do not grind too thick, be thin and use an eyebrow brush to flatten it. Make gradations at the base of the eyebrows to create natural eyebrows make-up.

4. Use the eyeshadow that match with natural color



Wipe the eyeshadow with soft color like nude and caramel.

5. Use the simple eyes-line



Pull your eyes to back and frame them using eyeliner.

6. Use the mascara



Use the waterproof mascara and eyelash curler first before using mascara.

7. Use Blush Color for Your face



For white skin choose a pink or peach to apply blush color on the cheek area. But for the slightly brown skin you can use a dusty rose color. In order to look more radiant face brush also bronzer in the area of ​​the forehead, cheeks, and nose.

8. Use the Lipstick with Soft or Nude Colors



It feels less fresh if the lips has not been polished lipstick, if you want your lips look natural and fresh, choose soft or nude colors. Apply on the inside and then flatten to the outside area to give a smooth impression.



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