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10 Fashion Rules for Skinny Women

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For skinny women, many problems in fashion are faced. Sometimes, they can be very confused when having to choose the right fashion style. Instead look cool, wrong picking clothes can make them more mocked.

  1. Choose Dress Style Two Pieces

Choosing trousers and t-shirts or skirts and tops is preferable than wear a jumpsuit. The trick of separating the body will give the illusion of your body shape.


  1. Choose a Dress Model that suits your body shape

It is important to choose a dress that can show the shape of your shoulders, chest, waist, and hips


  1. Wear a Waist Belt for the curve of your body is visible

In addition to making the illusion of curves, belts can beautify your appearance. But, be careful! If your belt is too big, your body may look shorter.


  1. Choose a Blouse that has proportional shape and size

The size of the blouse is definitely you have to pay attention. The most “safe” trick is to choose medium size.


  1. Choose T-shirts with medium size

If your curves are not too obvious, you should forget to wear tight T-shirts. Because wear a t-shirt with a too big size will make you look thinner. So, you should choose medium size.


  1. Use a blouse and put it into the pants

Wear it by put into the pants, then the waist will look wider and legs look proportional.


  1. Choose Clothes with horizontal motif, do not use vertical motif

Clothes with horizontal motifs will add volume to the body so it looks more contained.



  1. Avoid Plain Clothes with One Color

Plain clothes with one vulnerable color make you look thinner. This is a trick to divert others’ views of your skinny body shape.


  1. Wearing the Layered Clothes

So that your body does not look too thin, you can make an illusion by wearing layered clothes. Sweaters, jackets, or cardigans may be an option to add the illusion of your weight.


  1. Use a jacket or blazer and make sure it doesn’t cover your hips

Wear a jacket and blazer over the hips. Make sure that the length of your jacket or blazer falls on the waist so it does not cover the hips. That way, the waist will look smaller and shoulder look wider.


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