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8 Perfect Ways to Combine Colored Tights for A Bold and Refreshing Look

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Colorful tights are not only cute for teenagers. As an adult woman, you can wear colored tights and still look stunning. In fact, combining colored tights with your outfits will make everything you wear look even more interesting- the fashion item is versatile as you can mix and match the tight with different outfits and other items to create a gorgeous appearance.

Still think that colored tights are too intimidating? Check these guides on how to wear color tights the right ways.

With Floral Dress

Colored tights + floral dress

Make your ordinary flowery summer dress extraordinary with the touch of bright colored tights. The style also keeps you warm from the cool autumn breeze.

With Polka Dot Dress

Colored tights + polka dress

Aim for a cute and fun look by combining your favorite polka dot dress with colored tights. Mustard yellow is a safe color to combine with a neutral color palette and a fall favorite.

With Black Dress

Colored tights + black dress

Your glamorous look can use some fun with the addition of a pair of colored tights. Add statement to your favorite basic black dress and welcome the bolder you!

With Your Simple Work Dress

Colored tights + simple work dress

Transform your plain work dress into a charming fashion with colored tights and a matching scarf. Still think it’s intimidating? Tone it down with the black boots.

With Shorts

Colored tights + shorts

Yes, you definitely can wear shorts when it’s cold outside! Just don’t forget your colored tights, your warm blazer or jacket, and boots and you’re good to go.

With Simple Tunic Top

Colored tights + tunic

Pair your bright colored printed tights with a simple tunic top and a pair of ankle boots for the perfect casual autumn outfit. This fun combination can also easily be your favorite go-to look around the year.

With Striped Dress

Colored tights + bstriped dress

Accentuate your black-and-white striped dress with some bright colors by a pair of colored tights and shoes. To avoid going over the top, add some neutral or dark-colored blazer or coat if you prefer.

With A Consistent Color Detail

Colored tights + colored detail

The easiest way to pair your bright-colored tights is by picking a casual dress or top with a consistent color detail. This way, you will have a consistent look throughout the outfit without risking looking like a bright-colored mess!

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