Nail Polish Colors that Suitable for Brown Skin

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Choose the color of nail polish for brown skin is a very tricky. If the color fits, brown skin owners will increasingly look exotic. But if the color selection is less precise, brown skin owners would look dull. Here are the colors of nail polish which is good for brown skin:

  1. Dark Chocolate

The dark brown nail polish is perfect for both light and brown skin owners. Dark brown colosr make this nail polish suitable for any event and make your brown skin looks sexier.


  1. Red

All reds are always suitable for brown skin owners. Starting from bright red, plum, to burgundy, always make the brown skins look more exotic. The color of nail polish is suitable if the you want to attend a party at night.


  1. Light Pink

Pink is not just a symbol of love, but also a symbol of the feminine nature that is in every woman. Light pink is the perfect color for the brown skin owners. Light pink color can make the aura of brown skin owners very softer.


  1. Glitter Glossy Purple

The next color of the nail polish that is good for the brown skin is the glitter glossy purple. This color can always describe elegance. For brown skin, glitter purple color can give the impression of glamour and elegance.


  1. Light Blue

Who says brown skin can not wear light blue? Light blue color that can actually make our skin look more radiant lho, Beautynesian. To maximize it, you should choose a light blue with yellow undertone. This light blue color is really suitable when we want to hangout during the day.


  1. Black

Using black nailpolish to eat will make you look sexy. The black wrana is a neutral color and you can use any color combination of clothing.


  1. Glitter Glossy Green (Forest Color)

By using the glitter glossy green color, your brown skin will look more shiny and sharp. This color can also be combined with dark or bright clothing.


  1. Glitter Blue

Using glitter blue will make you look more attractive and cool. So the men will keep looking at you.


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