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10 Awesome Graduation Outfit For Guys

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Have you prepare the outfits for your graduation this year? This special moment need some hours to look perfect. But, it will not be a big problem any longer if you choose one of these graduation outfits style for one of the best event on your life. Here are what you have to wear:

  1. Summer Graduation Style

Summer Graduation Style


You will look so cute using this outfit style. Wear the combination of bow tie with back suspender. Make it perfect by adding short sleeved, oxford shoes, and black watch. If you don’t like the color, just change it. But, make sure it matches with the tie.

  1. Semi Formal Gathering Style

Semi Formal Gathering Style

Let yourself looks charming by using canvas shoes. Match your navy blue blazer jacket with blue navy trousers as well. Choose collared dress shirt and combine with light gray sweater vest. Make it perfect by adding tie on it.

  1. Winter Graduation Style

Winter Graduation Style

Get ready to winter with this cool outfit. Take collared dress shirt and a blue tie, match the tie with your trouser. Choose brown sweater vest and a dress watch to make you look cool. Then, wear brown belt and brown cap-toe boots to look great this winter.

  1. Classy Nerd Graduation Outfit

Classy Nerd Graduation Outfit

Another graduation styles for winter to make you look cool. Just try to wear a white shirt with red color of tie. Apply a simple light grey colored cardigan, make it buttoned up. Then, make it great by using black trouser. This outfit will make you more impressive by wearing brown watch.

  1. Charming Graduation Style

Charming Graduation Style

Make sure to match your brown sure with brown belt as well. It will shiny when you choose to wear blue trousers with purple dress shirt. Let it be perfect by wearing brown shoes which match with you shirt. See yourself, are you look greater?

  1. Regular Formal Graduation Outfit

Regular Formal Graduation Outfit

No need to worry for graduation this year. You can choose to wear black full sleeve shirt. Apply black and white plaid tie which is matched to your shirt. A gray cotton pants and black belt will make you perfect.

  1. Formal Graduation Style

Formal Graduation Style


If you want to look promising, you can wear a ready to work outfit style for your graduation. A great combination of striped club-collar dress shirt, blue tie , and blue trouser will make you look perfect. Make it awesome by wearing brown belt.

  1. Super Preppy Graduation Style

Super Preppy Graduation Style

Do you want to look cute for you graduation day? Just try to wear smart blue check shirt. What make it awesome come from the color of watch and shoes which perfectly matched.  Then, make it different by wearing black tie for your different style today.

9. Cute Graduation Style

Cute Graduation Style

This style is to make you look cute. Just let yourself wear blue trouser which matches with the blue band in the shoes. It goes to be looking cuter by light brown tie with the yellow pin and light brown belt.

  1. Classy University Look Graduation Style

Classy University Look Graduation Style

A simple style but will not make you go wrong. Make your day shiny by wearing a red polka-dotted tie combines with pink dress shirt. Then, make it perfect by blue trouser and brown cap-toe Oxford shoes along with a dark belt.


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