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9 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Women With Square Faces

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We are all born with different facial shapes. Women with square faces find that the width of their faces are nearly equal to the length of the faces. And this means prominent cheekbones and apparent jaw angles. If you have a square  face, find the right hair-styling approach to boost your beauty. Here, have a look at some of the best ones!

Classy Loose Up-Do

Classy loose up-do
Source: therighthairstyles

Reveal your strong jaws and full lips with this beautiful classic and formal style. Pull your hair loosely back to emphasize your best features. Remember, “loose” is necessary to maintain the classic feminine look.

Medium Wavy Cut with Bangs

Medium wavy cut with bangs
Source: therighthairstyles

Wear your wavy hair proudly with a medium-length cut and cute straight bangs. Looking sassy and fun!

Long Hair with Wind-Blown Layers

Long hair with wind-blown layers
Source: stylecraze

To make your face look a bit more elongated, get some layers. Add a wind-blown effect for a casual vibe.

Long Hair with Side Bangs

Source: therighthairstyles

The well-defined layers will complement this long hairstyle for square faces. In addition, the long side bang will add lightness to your long hair.

Long Asymmetrical Bob

Long asymmetric bob
Source: stylecraze

This asymmetrical hairdo  that ends below the shoulder will flatter your face and round off its sharpness.

One-Side French Braid

One side frech braid
Source: therighthairstyles

Pulling cascading curls to one side in a french-braid style will never go wrong for women with square-shaped faces and well-defined cheekbones. Complete the romantic, princess-like look with twisted bangs.

Long Layered Bob with Side Bangs

Finely layered bob with side bangs
Source: stylecraze

Medium-length layered bobs will enhance the effect of your sharp bone structure. It works even better for thin hair.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cut
Source: therighthairstyles

If you’re not into long hair and curls, aim for a sharp, urban look with this asymmetrical pixie cut. The extra-short cut accentuate your sculptural chin and cheekbones, so modern and bold!

Short Round Bob With Fringes

Short round bob with fringes
Source: stylecraze

Round bobs are neat, urbane, and smart. Let it end just beneath your chin level and it will look super sophisticated.

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