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Women Fashion Items that You Should Bring for Winter Break

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Vacation in December or the end of the year is the most favorite moment by the traveler. Because in December is a Christmas moment of winter. Surely you want to come up with a cool style in order to get great photos to upload on your instagram or other social media. In order for you to still look fashionable you must bring some fashion items during winter break.

Long Coat

Super cold air will surely make your whole body become frozen, so this does not happen if you bring long coat with warm wool material.



This one fashion item not only has multi function, but also you can use it during winter vacation. So that you will not cold, you can use this scarf to protect your neck. Therefore, always remember to use scarf wherever you go.



When adventuring in winter, boots are one of the things that must be prepared for you. These shoes can make your style more fashionable even if you only use ordinary clothes.


Winter Head

This item can make you comfortable because it is not tight and does not make ears sore, it can also warm your head.



Sweater is a mandatory item that you carry during winter break. Wear the sweater will always be suitable to look stylish in winter. Generally, thick sweaters can make your body becomes warmer at any time. Not only that, a pattern sweater can make your fashion is more stylish.



The combination of leggings with long and wide sweaters or oversized shirts can make you look fashionable. Leggings are also suitable to wear during the rainy season because it can make your body feel warmer.



Make sure your feet stay warm for your winter break. Pair with boots or sneakers to warm your feet.



Wear the gloves make your style looks so cool. Wearing gloves also will keep your hands warm.


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