Fashionable ways to wear snekaers for men

8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Sneakers for Men

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Sneakers will always be worldwide’s favorite footwear item, no matter what season or time of the year it is. Sneakers come with a very diverse options of styles and colors so they can be matched with almost anything. Here are some of the most fashionable way to wear sneakers.

Staying Warm in Style

1-stay cool in winter
Source: outfittrends

While popular as a summer item, you can still wear your favorite sneakers when it’s cold outside. Rock this stylish winter look by pairing clean white sneakers, woolen coat, skinny black jeans, and striped jumper. Stay warm with a scarf, gloves, and hat or beanie.

Laid-Back Traveler Style

2- the casual traveler
Source: outfittrends

Travelers can look stylish in this perfect combination of tartan button-up/ plaid shirt and red sneakers, very casual, laid-back and practical. You can also ditch the beige pants for skinny jeans for a slightly more lumberjack or hipster look.

Casual Work Day Style

Casual work day style- 2
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White sneakers go perfectly with white shirts and slim brown pants for a casual business day, Walk comfortably on this pair and stay productive.

Perfect Summer Style

The perfect summer style-4
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A pair of sneakers is a must-have summer fashion item. Pair it with shorts for the perfect beach or relaxed sunny days attire. Don’t forget your shades!

Cool Skinny Student Style

5- cool student style for skinny guys
Source: outfittrends

Black blazer and skinny jeans are the perfect combo for a cool student / indie kid look. Beige top and leather-look high tops that look matching are just what you need to get noticed at college as the cool kid. You don’t have to be in a garage band to dress like this!

Simple Casual Look with Denims

Simple casual look-6
Source: lookbook

Sneakers and jeans? Definitely a classic combo that works for anyone, in any decade. To give yourself a masculine touch but still in a simplified, casual fashion, put on your denim jacket and sunglasses.

 City Hip-Hop Style

7- city hip hop style
Source: outfittrends

Daring colors like bright red on sneakers can finish your city hip-hop style. Choose a sporty style to go with the black leather jacket, black top, and skinny jeans.

Bold and Funky Look

9- bold and funky look
Source: outfittrends

This outfit is probably not everyone: but feeling bold and want some head-turning fashion? Pick a shiny jacket, wear it with a bright-colored sweatpants, and finish it with a checker-patterned sneakers.  Sporty and funky!

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