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9 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Favorite Skinny Jeans

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A well-fitting pair of skinny jeans of neutral color should always be a woman’s best friend since it is probably the most versatile item in everybody’s wardrobe. There are myriad ways to style this easy-to-obtain item. The figure-flattering characteristic is one of the secret why this fashion must-have is inspiring. Need some guides on the best ways to wear your skinny jeans in style? Have a look at the list below.

With Blazer

1- with blazer
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Put together a pair of beige blazer and black skinny jeans to look chic and cool effortlessly. You can always  wear this fashion to a business casual day!

With Pointed Nude Heels

2- pointed nude heels
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Pair your well-fitting pair of dark skinny jeans with a pair of pointed nude heels for a sexy and elongated look of your legs. Ideally the jeans should be ankle length, but if you don’t have one, just roll each hem twice and you get your hot, polished look.

With Ankle Boots

3- ankle boots
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Jeans and ankle boots are a classic combination for a posh and classy look. Tuck your slim-fit jeans into your black-heeled ankle booties to make your legs appear longer. To level up the class, also wear your knee-length coat.

With Graphic Tee

4- with graphic tee
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Remember your Hot Topic teenage years? You can still recreate the fashion and look awesome in it by teaming a black graphic t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Add a bit of mature touch with a dress jacket or blazer.

With Oversize Sweater

5-oversize sweater
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Balance is of the utmost importance in mix-and-match fashion. When wearing an exaggerated top like an oversize sweater, skinny jeans will help you maintain your proportion.

Dress over Jeans

6-dress on jeans
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This is probably a throwback to a pre-leggings fashion, but the style can still give you an instant awesomeness when you keep the color scheme simple or coordinated. This is also one of the best fashion for a breezy autumn.

Smart Layering

7- smart layering
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Again, since balance is the key to a smart look, any attempt at layering for fall fashion should be done with correct proportions. When you experiment on layered tops, slip into a pair of skinny jeans to keep your the bottom slim.


8-denim on denim on denim
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Yes, combining denim shirt, denim jacket, and skinny jeans is not too much. A bit unexpected, but still a nice classic style!

Zippered Ankles

10- zippered ankles
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Here is an idea: find a pair of skinnies with zippered ankles to add some edge on whatever you wear. Unzip them to reveal some skin but make sure the jeans hit right or just below the ankle. Combine with heels.

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