How to Color Your Hair without Bleaching

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One of the hair coloring techniques is a bleaching technique. This technique can change the original color of the hair so it can hair dye can seep in the hair. Bleaching technique can make hair color becomes more cool and far from the original color of hair. Bleaching will further damage the hair if accompanied by blow drying. Here are some ways to color your hair without bleaching:

  1. Choose the right color

Color choice is the first way to do hair coloring without bleaching you can do to use hair dye without having to use bleaching. For example if you have dark hair, if you want to have a bright green color then you should really choose the green color that really highlights so when applied the color appears without having to eliminate your pigment.


  1. Keep the Nature of Hair

To maintain the naturalness of your hair, you can also choose a hair dye spray for one use. This can continue the naturalness of hair without doing bleaching.


  1. Use Toning

To achieve the same functionality as bleaching, you can do toning. Toning which has a very corrective technique to produce a very suitable hair color and hair shape that can be made into the most important color.


  1. Don’t wash your hair before coloring

Before starting the hair coloring process, please don’t wash your hair. Because the hair is still has a content containing natural oils that very good for your scalp.


  1. Use Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is the best one of the alternatives for the process of coloring hair and without having to do bleaching.


  1. Use Special Shampoo

There is a type of shampoo that makes hair color look good and you can get it on some hair care shops. The special shampoo has a protection for the hair to look shiny or shiny natural.


  1. Use Heat Protectant

Using chemical hair dyes alone is at risk of damaging the health of hair, let alone coupled with heating. If you still want to heat your hair, use a heat shield on your hair to remove more damage.


  1. Use the Conditioner

You can use conditioner after you shampoo in order to keep your hair shine.


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