Tips To Use Nail Polish

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  1. Smear it for three times

For make your nail polish results become nice and neat, you only need to smear it for three times. Take a little paint on the end of the brush, smear on the bottom of the nail, drag to the right and top left, and then smear to center. In this way, you can also save more nail polish.


  1. Always use base coat

For maximum results you should use base coat. With use base coat, your nail color will look brighter and certainly more durable.


  1. Use lip brush

Anyone have the same problem in coloring the nails that the paint is spreading everywhere. Well, to tidy up, you must take the advantage of a long lip brush. So you do not need to use a lot of cotton bud.


  1. You must be careful in choosing a white color

The white color for the nails is never out of date. You can use it for French manicure, or white nail trends with various colors at the end. Make sure the nail white paint that you buy is not too transparent, but also not too thick.


  1. Avoid fast dry nail polish

Apparently, wearing fast dry nail polish can make your nails become brittle because of its kind of substance that can remove natural nail moisture.


  1. Please always remove cuticle

Before painting the nails, do not forget to remove the cuticle first, so that the final result of your manicure become neat. But remember, do not cut it! Eliminate cuticle with the help of cuticle remover oil and its tool.


  1. When it’s done, soak your hands in cold water

After all the painting process is complete, you can soak the hands in cold water to speed up the process of paint drying. Alternatively, you can also let your hands flowed by cold water for 2 minutes.


  1. Use white paint as a base of fluorescent color

In order for you to follow the fluorescent color trend to perfectly nail polish, you can coat your favorite fluorescent colors with white nail polish as the base. In this way, the fluorescent colors you choose will be more visible.


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