Women Fashion Trends of Summer that Most Popular in Korea

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During summer, it’s good if we update our fashion with new fashion item. The summer will provide a high temperature and will make us feel hot. For that we need fashion styles that are suitable and comfortable to wear during the summer. As an inspiration, Seasonoutfit.com will share about the fashion trends that most popular in Korea this time!

Here are some fashion trends that most popular in Korea this summer:

  1. Stripes Pattern

Leave the black and white stripe patterns that have become the basic item.  Please use stripes pattern with a brighter color that shows the charm of summer, combined with natural colors.


  1. Argyle / Diamond Pattern

Patterns with diamond shape or diamond picture is often we see in knitted sweaters. Now the motive can be found in various items and designs, such as V-neck top or dress.


  1. Lavender Color

The soft purple-pink-blue color is sweet and perfect for summer, girls! Let’s try hunting at the mall to perfect our performance.


  1. Two-Tone Denim

Various designs of denim jeans is always popular. This time we can use two-tone of denim that make us very cool


  1. Oversized Blazer

Oversized blazer is also one of the Korean favorites, even to its artist. We can also see unified mix of oversized blazer that use various colors such as Korean artists on the internet.


  1. Cat-eye Sunglasses

The shape of cat-eye sunglasses is very unique and funny. So it is the reason to use this item for your fashion style. Do you already have this stuff?


  1. Small Pocket Wallet

After the mini sling bag that was booming, small wallets became a favorite for this time. with its small and simple shape makes it more practical to carry it.


  1. Flower Pattern

Wearing clothes with floral patterns will make you look fresh and shining. It will make a cool impression if near you.


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