The Inspirations of Men’s Fashion to Look Cool in the Rainy Season

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The rain always managed to ruin the mood. How to get out of the house with a charming appearance if every rainy day?. Heavy rains are not a reason to miss handsomeness. With the tips on dressing in the following of rainy season, will make you still look cool in the rain.

  1. First of all, you’re a big mistake if you think the umbrella is not made for a guy

The item you need most to keep and maintain your appearance is by using an umbrella.


  1. To Look Good When Weather is Bad, Wear a Trench Coat

The coat often used in the country that has four seasons to maintain body temperature. Because on the eye, a trench coat is a cloth for wet weather that will look decent to a guy.


  1. For a more casual look, Parka is a option.

Parka is the right choice for you. The shape is practically like a jacket but more functional than a regular jacket.


  1. Waterproof Jacket Will Protect You Maximally from Wet Potential

If by chance you do not have an umbrella to wear, then your choice here is to use a raincoat or other water resistant clothing. The trend is like fishermen.


  1. Do not Use a bad Raincoat If You Are Riding Motor

The right raincoat for motorcycle riders is that it covers the upper and lower body tightly.


  1. You Must Have a Waterproof Jeans

Riding jeans or commuter jeans are known to have a nautical homeland at this time.


  1. Choose the right Shoes when you are in The Rain

Shoes made of suede and canvas should also be kept, turn your attention to rubber soled shoes with leather tops. To be a handsome guy in the rainy season, you just need shoes.


  1. Choose a leather bag


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