How to Make Men’s Hair Easy to Set

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One of the hair problems in men is difficult to set it, especially when attending an event, then this can interfere with confidence. Unmanageable hair in men is caused by several factors. The biggest factor that causes unruly hair is the type of dry hair, dull and stiff. Here’s how to overcome for man’s hair easy and arranged.

  1. Know Your Hair Type

The types of curly, fluffy, oily, and straight hair will have a difference when setting them. After recognizing the type of hair then we will be easier to arrange.


  1. Combing Your Hair Properly

Try while combing hair movement 1 direction and slowly this will make the hair is not damaged so easy to set. Combing properly is also a way to cope with hair loss in men


  1. Do the Shampoo Routinely

Usually a person who rarely shampoo will experience problems not only on the hair but also on facial skin such as oily and acne face. So it is recommended to the men to wash it regularly so that hair is easy to set and stay healthy.


  1. Keep Your Hair from Dry and Dull

One way to treat dry hair naturally is try to keep the hair keep moist by using natural oil products.


  1. Use Conditioner while shampoo

Use conditioner while shampoo to keep hair soft and manageable. It also keeps hair healthy because of air pollution and the effects of sunlight.


  1. Use Hair Oil

Typical types of dry and dull hair are usually difficult to manage. So the use of natural oils in the hair is greatly overcome the problem. We can choose natural oil from olives.



  1. Select the appropriate Shampoo type

Recognize shampoos that are suitable for dry hair, because one of the causes of unruly hair that is due to the type of dry hair. And every hair type also has different needs as well.


  1. Wash your hair with Cold Water

Cold water is very appropriate and suitable because if we use warm water it makes hair dry so difficult to manage. In addition, warm or hot water will reduce the natural oils from our hair.


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