Women Fashion Tricks to Look Younger

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  1. Choose a bright color

Bright colors can show the joy of within a person. That love of color can be a color that represents a youthful spirit. Bright colors like orange, pink, yellow and also pastel colors will emit a reflection of light so that your skin will look more shine.


  1. Minimize the pattern

The use of patterned clothes will be something wrong if the pattern is too crowded. If you want to use a patterned outfit, then choose a small print pattern, not too big and simple.


  1. Adjust the body shape

Customize all the fashion items you use with body shape and size. Skinny jeans can be used as a pair of trousers to look younger.


  1. Use Casual Outfit

Just use a t-shirt, jacket and jeans a la young when traveling, you will definitely feel much younger and also comfortable of course.


  1. Use the right bag and shoes

The use of casual handbags and shoes can also portray a young soul on your appearance.


  1. Use the right Makeup

It is no less important than his appearance now is makeup. Do not dress up and excessive let alone use dark colors like brown that look older.


  1. Avoid excessive accessories

Instead, choose a simple accessories and size is not flashy so still gives the impression of elegance and still support the appearance. You can also just use one or two items simultaneously and as necessary. Do not use big accessories and that have glitter, because it can make you look old.


  1. Experiment with trends

Fashion trend is always evolving and endless. Being a woman who wants to look young, fashion trend is a liability.


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