The Men’s Mistakes in Fashion

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The Man’s Fashion Faux Pas

The Men’s Fashions are not just about clothes, shoes and pants. But, if you do not understand the law of this fashion, a simple style can make your appearance so a total failure. Here are some fashion items that you should not use in dressing.

Wear too light shades of color


Basically, there is rarely anyone who enjoys the eye sight with the colors that are too flashy for casual occasions. Instead of you being the public spotlight, it’s better to save your yellow shirt or pink custom!


Wear the torn socks


Really sure in one day you will not go to your friend house or have to take off shoes? Anyway, the socks are not seen by common people. But if once you open the shoes and people around see your torn socks, you can be embarrassed!


Wear the shoes that are super shabby


The precisely cool shoes can determine your style even if using ordinary clothes. And also if you wear the maximum clothing but your shoes are shabby, it’s very wrong. It would not hurt to have your old shoes retired and just go out for the right moment like going up a mountain or maybe for an outbound event.


Enhance the collar


This one is really the style of the 2000s really. For adult males, get away from the intention to lift your collar for the reasons of coolness.


Still impose wear skinny jeans


Skinny jeans is part of fashion. But, that does not mean you follow the whole trend without matching it with your personality as well as your body condition. If your body is quite large, why still have to force wear skinny jeans?


White socks VS black shoes


You should not combine black shoes with white socks, especially if you are wearing boots or sneakers. It is like a school kid.


Too long tie


If you do not want to be considered children, you must to pay attention to the length of your tie. Avoid to wear a too long tie even to the waist. That’s so funny.


Wear different colors between shoes and belt


Black and brown are two favorite colors for belts and shoes. But, although the choices are few, you can not combine them in one performance. If you wear black shoes, the belt should also be black.

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