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The Shoes Models that Can Make The Men More Stylist

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If you are the guys who want to look cool and stylist, you do not have to always wear sneakers or canvas shoes to go hangout. For that you must use the right shoes for your style. You can look more cool and stylist with various kinds of men’s shoes below.

Monk Strap


This model of men’s shoes is called Monk Strap. Although you only wear flannel shirt, but if combined with this Monk Strap so you become more stylist. This one model is really many manifold, ranging from single and also double. If usually the men’s shoes is tied with a rope, for this one you just use a clip hook on the side of the shoes.


Loafer Shoes


Not only the girls who can use Loafer because this is also can become one of the collection of casual men’s shoes, because it can be for various opportunities and also easy to use. For this shoes model is usually used for Indie-style boys.


Chukka Shoes


This kind of shoes has a high ankle and generally only with 2-3 holes for the shoelaces. The shape is very simple and minimalist, very suitable for casual events. This one shoes can combined with skinny jeans.


Oxford shoes


Model of this one man’s shoes really terrible because from the first until now still can be circulated and give a really modern impression really. For you who want to look casual or formal, this men’s shoes can really be a mainstay every day.


Brogue Shoes


The Brogue Shoes have more vintage holes more decorative and more characteristic than Oxford shoes. For you who are stylish, Brogue Shoes is better suited for you.


The Chelsea Boots


If you usually prefer to wear boots shoes, now try to add your men shoes list with Chelsea Boots. This model is usually used for winter because it made from suede, but you can also use it in the rainy season. The model is simple with a rubber accent on the left and right side for easy inserting the foot into the shoe.




Well, for you who usually wear a casual-style every day, the slipping model could be a great choice. There are many brands that offer men’s shoes for this model. This model has a really simple design to be a fashion.


Boot Wingtip


Wingtip boots is like Brogue Shoes with high ankle, but the difference is on the bottom of shoes. It has wider soles.


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