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9 Incredibly Sexy Plus-Size Bathing Suits to Wear

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Going to the beach or the spring is not just about enjoying the nature and relaxing in the water, it’s also about looking incredibly sexy and being confident with your body. No matter what your body type is, you have to celebrate it. Don’t let anything makes you believe that your plus-size body doesn’t  deserve cute or sexy bathing suits or swimwear. Here are nine examples on how you can look incredibly sexy with your plus-size bathing suits.

Steamy Black Embroider Lace Two Piece

Source: cosmopolitan

The two-piece swimsuit is definitely sexy with its see-through panels on both the top and bottom. The black color gives it a super steamy touch.

Sunshine Yellow Striped Plunging One Piece

Striped plunging one piece
Source: cosmopolitan

Who says that a one-piece swimsuit cannot be sexy? This bright yellow stripes one-piece swimsuit gives you extra sex appeal with its low neckline.

Floral Swimsuit with Built-in Bra

Floral swimsuit with built-in bra
Source: pinterest

The secret bra built inside your swimwear will keep your girls calm while you’re busy swimming.

Dreamy Off-the-Shoulder Bikini

Off the shoulder bikini
Source: cosmopolitan

The off-the-shoulder sleeves of the bikini top is unique and will let you swim in style. The dreamy watercolor scheme adds cuteness to sexy.

Red Hot Retro

Source: pinterest

Embrace Marilyn Monroe’s charm with this hot retro-looking bikini. You will instantly feel like the hottest woman in the world.

Bold String Bikini

Bold strng bikini
Source: cosmopolitan

String bikinis are always sexy, always interesting. With a bold color choice like this, nobody will be able to resist your sexiness.

Cute and Flirty Skirt

Cute and flirty swimwear
Source: pinterest

If you love the sexiness of a bikini but still want to maintain modesty, this sweet yet flirty floral bikini top and skirt will be a great choice.

Slimming One-Piece Bathing Suit

Slimming one-piece
Source: pinterest

Look instantly slimmer with the help of geometric shapes that makes your torso look leaner.

One-Shoulder Dress

One-shoulder dress

Sexy doesn’t have to mean extremely revealing. This one-shoulder style swim dress is the perfect plus-size bathing suit that will be loved by everybody.

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