Cover Your Big Sleeve with This Shirt Models

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Maybe some of you feel inferior with big arms. Have tried dieting and managed to lose weight, but the arm still looks great, and the annoying moment is you have to be careful in taking the photo angle so the arm does not look big in the camera. Well do not worry ladies, look at the dress tips for women with big sleeves to cover your big sleeves!

Batwing Shirt Model

Usually this model of clothes is often called the bat clothes. This model can cover your big arm, ladies! Dressing with batwing model that has a length of 3/4 can also be an option for you.


Clothes with Vertical Motifs

Vertical motifs on clothing are often called suitable to give a thinner effect because of the motive that extends down. Well, this also applies also to the arm. Choose a dress or dress with a vertical motif on the arm so that your arm area will be seen more slender! Do not believe? Just try it.


Outwear Shirt Model

The women with big sleeve usually not confident to wear short-sleeved clothes. Well, to cover this you can solid matching by using outwear like a blazer or jacket to cover the size of a large arm.


Dress Model with Lace Material

Clothing model with lace arm or lace material can also disguise your big arm, you know. You can still play colors with lace, but black can be the best choice to give the illusion of a smaller arm.


Bell Sleeve Shirt Model

You should choose a dress with a sleeve-shaped bell sleeve or commonly called the bell arm. The widened arm at the bottom can balance your large arm. By the way, the shirt with this model is hits you know in 2017. Well this thing you can use to follow the trend as well as cover your big arm.



Shirt Model with Long Sleeve or 3/4

Choosing clothes with long sleeves or 3/4 is the best answer to get around your big arm. You must keep your arms loose, so that it’s not too form your arms.


The Dark Clothes, especially black

By wearing a dark shirt especially black, your big arm will not be seen clearly. Your arm will look slimmer with this shirt color.


Shirt oversized

Using a slightly oversized shirt will keep your big arms invisible. You will also look more sexy.


Crop Tee

By wearing a crop tee shirt your arms will look balanced with your body. So this model of dress is perfect for women with large arms.


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