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Popular Pixie Cuts for Classy and Posh Looks

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Looking for a fresh new haircut this spring? If you’re bored with your long locks, getting a pixie haircut should probably be on your to-do-list right now. Pixie cuts are always in style, and you can choose from dozens of popular cuts that will give you a stylish yet adorable look. Besides, since winter is gone, you may want to get a new start with a haircut that is easier to maintain for the coming summer.

Choose from these popular pixie cuts for a posh, chic, and classy look!

Classic Pixie Cut

1-classic pizie cut

The sophisticated style is classic and timeless. You will always look stunning in this classic pixie haircut, either you choose to dye your hair with dramatic color or let it stay in its natural color.

Two-Toned Pixie Cut

2-two toned pixie

Feeling bold and trendy? This two-toned pixie cut is the recent trending style. Dramatic colors will make you look fresh, funky, brave, yet pleasantly feminine.

Sassy Undercut

3-sassy undercut

Embrace your tomboy personality with this sassy pixie cut. The disconnected layers  and bright streaks will add sass and badassery to your look. This works best for women with round or square-shaped faces who want them to look more elongated.

Faux Hawk

4-faux hawk

Looking for an even more daring, bold, and stylish haircut? Try this spiky pixie cut. Make sure to create contrast by picking the right colors for highlights and lowlights. The bigger the contrast is, the bolder you look!

Shaggy Asymmetry

5- shaggy piie

Those with wispy hair will love this shaggy, asymmetrical pixie cut. The messy pixie will tame the wild thinner locks that always seem to rebel no matter how often you brush your hair. The shaggy texture will also add volume to thin hair.

Slight Waves

6- wavy pixie

if your hair is naturally wavy and you’re not into super short hair, this wavy pixie cut will please you. By keeping your curls and brushing them to your sides, you will maintain a feminine yet super fresh and posh look.

Messy Curls

7-messy curls

Wear your curls proudly with this messy pixie hairdo. Highlight the curls for a bolder accent.

Shaved Sides

8- shaved sides

This pixie cut will help your quest for an edgy look. Shave the sides and the back and add some streaks for the ultimate self-expression. You can style this hairdo by using some gel.

Textured Pixie

9-textured pixie

The subtle layers create dimension to exploit for whatever style you prefer. Need a sleek look? Slick your hair to the back or make the ends of your locks spiky. Want a feminine appearance? Add a side bang or long fringe. This style is very versatile!

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