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The Right Fashion for Women with Big Thighs

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The most upsetting and annoying thing is when it’s hard to find the right pants for the big thigh owner. Usually we give up on super large material pants or jeans that are very monotonous models. No need to confuse ladies, here are the models of pants that are perfect for the owner of the big thighs.

  1. Vertical Line Pattern Pants

In order to form the illusion to look slim, you have to disguise the size of your big thigh with a pair of vertical striped pants. You can use any kind of caterpillar pants or cutbray as long as the pattern of the line down. Try to choose a small line to keep it look slim.


  1. Cutbray Pants

Cutbray pants have large pieces at the bottom so it can take people’s eyes to your big thighs ladies. You should wear jeans cutbray for thighs more ‘saved’ well. This is because the material is rather thick and stretch jeans.


  1. Pants with Smooth Material

Large thighs can be hidden with pants that made from ‘fall’ and smooth like chiffon or polyster. This type of pants are usually used to go work.


  1. Boyfriend Jeans

Pants that have large models from top to bottom resemble these men’s pants, is the safest outfit for the big thigh. In order to look you look more slim, match boyfriend jeans with stiletto shoes or thick soles.


  1. Legging

Legging pants can save the big thigh as long as it can blend matching outfit properly. The right match for leging pants is a long tunic or blouse that covers up to the thigh or calf. Mix and match both outfit is really fitting for your OOTD to the mall.


  1. The dark pants

By wearing dark-colored pants will make your thighs do not look big. It can be useful to deceive the eyes of others.


  1. “Kulot” Pants

Using a pair of cotton pants with subtle material will make your legs look slim. This model is perfect for you to wear.


  1. Long skirt

By using a long skirt then your feet will be covered from top to bottom. So your big thighs will not be seen.


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