Amazing eye makeup ideas for every occasion

Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas for Every Occasion

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Eye makeup is very important because it represent the entire character of anybody. Eyes are the most substantial and it classified as an entrance toward your heart and soul. Many women wish for gorgeous eyes to look more attractive, and eye makeup tend to make your eye look more beautiful.

Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup

Sultry smokey eye makeup

For a romantic date, try this sultry smokey eye makeup that will make your eyes shine. All you need is some eye shadows in 4 colors; light brown matte, amber, black and sparkly gold.

Double Wing Cat Eye Makeup


Double wing cat eye makeup

Sweep a soft, matte grey eye shadow to the lower of your eyelid, apply a shimmery charcoal eye shadow in the top of the base color using pointed brush, and concentrate on the outer half of the lid. Line the upper lash line and wing out the eye shadow.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Brown smokey eye makeup

Flawless smokey eyes and windged eyeliner is the two main makeup techniques that every woman should learn. This technique is effortlessly sexy and will compliment almost any look and it is so easy to follow.

Cat-Eye Makeup With Scotch Tape

Cat-eye makeup with scotch tape

You still can make this gorgeous cat-eye makeup even if you have a shaky hand. All you need is only a scotch tape.

Metallic Eye Makeup

Metallic eye makeup

This stunning metallic eye makeup is absolutely stunning and high-profile that you can easily create it by yourself even with a short list of supplies.

Sparkling Smokey Eye Makeup

Sparkling smokey eye makeup

Mastering a great smokey eye technique is a must. Because once you master the basics, an endless possibilities of other smokey makeup is in your hand.

Cat-Eye Makeup With A Liquid Liner

Cat-eye makeup with a liquid liner

Draw a line from the inner to the outer corner of your eye staying as close to the lash line as possible, then draw a wing which a little bit tends toward the end of your eyebrow. Connect the end of the wing to your lash line and fill in the shape. And a flirty look for your date night is ready to go, only with a liquid liner with a sturdy brush.

Neutral Eye Makeup

Neutral eye makeup

Neutral eye makeup is the best makeup style that you can wear to your office or even a casual lunch.

Canary Yellow Makeup With Winged Eyeliner

Canary yellow makeup with winged eyeliner

This makeup is a bit unusual, but can bring a whole lot of wow factor to your eye. First of all, highlight softly under your brows and apply a neutral base shade. Next, apply a bright yellow eyeshadow to your upper lid and lightly sweep matte brown color eyeshadow to your lower lash line. Add a light and shimmery pop to your inner corner of your eyes and create a classic cat-eye with a black gel liner.

Fresh Eye Makeup for Everyday Look

Fresh eye makeup for everyday look

Apply a light flesh-colored pencil to the waterline of your eye, apply a pearly powder, cream eye shadow to your inner and outer duct area of your eyes. Draw a line from the center to the end of your lid and smudge it with a q-tip with a dark brown or black pencil. And voila, you will look fresh even after the fun last night.

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