Beach Fashion Tips without Looking Sexy

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Bikini had become the choice of women for a vacation to the beach. But how about you who lack confidence to wear sexy outfit?. Do you feel confused with the clothes that should be worn for a vacation to the beach? Don’t worry ladies, here are some clothes tips to go to the beach without having to look sexy!

Beautiful in Dressing Maxi Dress

When you do not want to appear open on the beach, you can apply option of maxi dress for a vacation solution to the beach. You can grab an abstract or floral dress motif that is sweet because it matches the sunny atmosphere on the beach. You can choose rayon material to cool when worn.



Mix and Match Hot Pants and Tunics

You can switch the bikini with combine the hot pants and T-shirts or tunics to play on the beach. Tunics with “boho” model can be your reference to the beach. You should choose hot pants with a model that is not pockets if you do not want to bring home a lot of sand in your pants



Choose your Mainstay Jumpsuit

You can use your flagship jumpsuit for exclamations on the beach. Make sure you choose the right size with a bright color. You can still look casual and fashionable with a visual jumpsuit.



Use a Simple Midi Dress

Besides wear maxi dress, wear midi dress can also be the right choice for a walk on the beach. So that there is no impression that too excited and wrong costume, choose midi dress with a cool material without ornament, maybe you can dress with floral motifs made from rayon.



“Kulot” trousers

Wearing trousers for touring to the beach can be a solution also for you who do not want to appear with clothes open. You can wear cotton pants motif with a cool material like rayon. Combine these cropped trousers with your T-shirt.


Dress Two Pieces

This Fahsion is simple for you. This shirt model is also very suitable and cool to wear on the beach. You will be the center of attention of men.


Beach Shawl

The beach shawl can also be used as a dress or skirt if you are smart in fashion style and creative. By wearing this beach shawl will make you faster okay.


Beach Shirt

Beach shirt is one type of clothing that is suitable for use on the beach. With this polite dress you will look cool on the beach.



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