Outfit ideas for transitional weeks from winter to spring

Outfit Ideas for Transitional Weeks from Winter to Spring

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Spring is here. The sun has started to appear but the the traces of winter hasn’t completely disappeared. It’s time to shed the thick coats and boots and wear something lighter, but the wind will still sometimes sneak up and give us the chill. So, what do we wear during these transitional weeks? What outfits are thin enough that we don’t sweat under the sun but also thick enough that we get protected from the remnant of winter?

Here are some ideas on how to dress during transitional weeks.

Wear your blazers

1- blazer
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A traditional pairing of a blazer and your favorite summer dress never gets old during the transitional weeks to spring. Choose a textured or colored blazer over a knee-length summer dress, then make it perfect with a summer scarf of a matching color. The light layers will keep you warm outside.

Swap the thick scarf for a lighter bandana

2- cute bandana
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You still need to keep your neck warm in the transitional weeks but you can now get rid of those thick scarves. Opt for a cuter, colorful, or even printed bandana instead. It’s the best for the sunny days ahead while still offers protection from the wind.

Trade the winter coat for a light jacket

1-light jackets
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To battle the harsh, cold winter, heavy coats are your friends. But to welcome the friendlier season, light spring jackets will be the better option. Pick light jackets made from thinner materials like linen or cotton.

Sweet light sweater is perfect for the weather

2- sweater
Source: cosmopolitan

For the perfect transitional pullover, choose a lighter sweater with sweet color, like this pastel color palette. You can keep the sweater for your early spring days but also later over your swimwear when you plan a nighttime beach getaway with the girls.

Get additional sleeves for your sleeveless dresses

1-additional sleeves
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Yes, you can start wearing your favorite sleeveless dresses, just don’t forget to protect yourself with a collared blouse that have long sleeves underneath the pretty dress. It will warm you up and add a pattern and texture to your look.

Wear a versatile moto jacket

2- versatile moto jacket
Source: cosmopolitan

Cool moto jackets are very stylish and versatile that you can wear them with your favorite sweatshirts any season of the year. When it’s still cold outside, you can wear a coat over it.

Layers for your sweet sheer dresses

1- layer up
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If you can’t wait to wear your sheer dress, then don’t. Just wear them to overlay other pieces. For instance, you can mix a sheer dress, a black maxi dress, a plaid shirt, and an infinity knit to get this look.

Pair your jeans with fishnets

Source: cosmopolitan

To celebrate the spring vibe, put on a pair of  white ripped jeans and a pair of fishnets underneath for an extra warmth.

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