10 Fashion Bags of Men that You Should Know

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Just like a ladies handbag, the men’s bags also have many types and models that are each used in different occasions and needs. This time, seasonoutfit will introduce 10 Fashion Bags of Men that You Should Know.

  1. Backpack


Backpacks are the most popular and most used men’s bag type in the world. This bag is worn in the back by being picked up. Along with the development of fashion and innovation to facilitate the activities, this type of men’s bags more diverse and tailored to the needs.

  1. Briefcase


Briefcase is a kind of man bag to carry files, papers, and books. Handbags are commonly used for work or formal activities. Initially, this type of man’s bag is made with a box and has no space.

  1. Carryall or Holdall


This type of bag is a bag for traveling or leisure with a model that is more modern and stylish. During a short vacation that only takes a few clothes, this bag is the right choice! Carryall has two bigger rigid handles than a handbag handle so you can carry carryall on your shoulders.

  1. Tote Bag


Totebag Bag is another version of the briefcase with a more modern and softer appearance. This type of men’s bag is also a thinner and rectangular version

  1. Satchel


Shaped like a briefcase with a softer side and long rope. Satchel is often mistaken for a briefcase, but actually the two bags are different. The difference is that satchel has no lug length strap.

  1. Messenger Bag


This man bag model is almost the same as satchel, but the shape is larger and used by way of crossed.

  1. Shoulder Bag


This bag is smaller than a messenger bag, worn on one shoulder, and usually used to carry goods. Shoulder bag can be worn at any time, but best suited in circumstance and casual wear.

  1. Laptop Bag


This bag serves to protect the laptop and its accessories from friction or excessive vibration. Usually in this bag, there is a storage space that available for laptops, batteries, chargers, and cables.

  1. Sling Bag


This bag can be worn on the chest or behind and is a small version of messenger bag.

  1. Clutch Bag


This bag is small and contains only a few items. How to use is to carry it in hand. Clutch can be used in formal or casual events.

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