Fashion Items that Can Make You More Stylish

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The key to investing for your style is to have a classic fashion item and not easily outdated and trending. In order to easily mix and match and create new style variations, you must have this items below in order to appear more stylish.

Black or Nude Pump Heels


This shoes are a kind of classic shoes suitable for use with formal or casual style. Starting from the cocktail dress to the party, blazer suits and pencil skirts for office meetings, to casual styles such as blouses and jeans for coffee talk fit paired with this shoe model.

A Little Black Dress


Maybe you can consider a classic black dress or so-called Little Black Dress (LBD). Make sure the length ends around the knee, and not too short to be used for formal or casual occasions. Sounds fun, right?

Perfect SKinny Jeans



Choose jeans that match your body shape and highlight the shape of the foot. Choose a neutral jeans color, like black or dark blue, to make it easier to pair with your bosses.

White Shirt and Button Down


If you’re confused about the clothes that will be used for hangouts, go for white. Combine white shirts, jeans, and heels or flats with simple accessories like scarf, cardigan, and vest, and you’re ready to be the center of attention.

Large Tote Bag


The simple shape and large capacity of the tote bag is guaranteed to complement your everyday style, especially for you who are busy and need a big bag to load all your needs.

Blazer or Vest


One of the secrets to appear stylish is to utilize layering techniques, or use some layers of superiors. Therefore, it never hurts to buy a blazer or vest that can be used as an outcome.

Ballet Flats


This type of shoe is usually affordable and has a large selection of colors and models, so you can freely experiment with many colors and models of your ballet flats. It’s time to get creative with your style!



Wear the sunglasses will make you look more stylist. Sunglasses are not only for wear but can also be additional accessories, for example hanging on a collar.

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