Male Haircuts that Looks Sexy in Eyes of Girls

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It can’t be denied that the haircut model is greatly affects the quality of boys handsomeness. Even so, the haircut model is a taste. Each girl already has her own opinion about the haircut of the guy who thinks it’s interesting! Some like long hair, crew and tidy, messy, and much more!

Seasonoutfit will tell you about some kind of haircuts that most loved by the girls. Check it out.

The long and curly haired 


The long-haired guy has its charm for Indonesian girls. It is also looks sexy by some Indonesian girls. This hair style is impressed macho and sexy, as long as your long hair is well groomed and clean.

The long straight-haired


Some prefer longish hair that is curly and bumpy, but there are also those who like the longish hair style that falls and more subtle.

Modern pompadour hair style


Pompadour hair style is a hair style that is quite popular in all ages. Once popular in the era of the 50s, this one hairstyle is popular again among millennial children. Pompadour and its modern version have the same thin side of the hair, the crest part is quite different. Modern splendor is thinner in crested parts.

Undercut hair style with a curly top (curly undercut)


Apparently not just a girl who likes to curl hair! Undercut pieces with curly hair tops also look cool for most guys. This hairstyle certainly requires natural curly hair to look good.

Two blocks-cut hairstyle


Some girls love a neat and short hair of man. Even so, girls are also like male hair that can be played by hand. Perhaps because it is quite popular two-piece hair cut is interesting in the eyes of the girls. This one style can be achieved with the hair of the sides and back of a thin, while the top left a little.

Korean Medium Cut hairstyle


One of the Korean hairstyles that we often encounter in Indonesia is a medium cut style with fringe alias bangs. This one style looks short and thin on the side with long front hair

Cropped haircut


By cutting your hair with a cropped haircut will make you looks more macho and gentle. You will look like a brave soldier.

Spike Haircut


Spike haircut has actually existed since the era of 90s. But until now this hair model remains a favorite of the men to look macho.


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