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The Perfect Lingerie Based on Your Zodiac Signs

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Whether you’re an avid astrology reader or you barely even remember what your zodiac sign is, your personality trait is heavily influenced by your stars. Some of these signature traits can’t be ignored, especially when it comes to relationships. So when you think about what you are going to wear in the bedroom to treat your loved one, it is such a good idea to pick the perfect lingerie based on your zodiac sign. Here are the examples of the perfect lingerie based on each zodiac.


1 aries edit
Source: yourtango

An Aries can’t be tamed, so the best way to express your true self is by picking a bold color and style. When in doubt, you can always choose lacy or hot red lingerie to express your daring nature.


2- taurus
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If you are a Taurus, you’re pragmatic and elegant. Choose something versatile that can easily be mixed and matched like this magical bodysuit.


3- gemini
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Since Geminis love having fun, choose an eye-catching lingerie like this green piece. Scalloped edges and scrappy details will make it more exciting.


1- cancer
Source: yourtango

The nurturing nature of Cancer make you a natural lover with warm and caring heart. Show your soft side like this satin lingerie.


Source: yourtango

If you’re a dramatic Leo, you’re not afraid of the spotlight so something spectacular should be your choice, like this mesh apron lingerie that is basically a sexy role-playing clothes.


Source: popsugar

A two-piece pajama set is good for the gentle and delicate Virgo who just doesn’t like to rush things.


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The hopeless romantic Libra loves sweet detailing, so a cute and sweet lingerie like this lace trim camisole will be a favorite.


3- scorpio
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Express your passionate personality in black or red lingerie and make it perfect with embroidery details.


1- sagittarius
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Your fun loving characteristic loves freedom and hates restrictions. So an item which is freeing like boy shorts suits your personality better when compared to something like thongs.


Source: popsugar

Express your elegant and sophisticated personality in a design that feels like a second skin,like this underwire bra that offers structure.


Source: popsugar

Whatever you’re feeling today: sexy and bold or shy and reserved, the color turquoise is always perfect for you.


Source: yourtango

You are a free spirit and a dreamer, so you need something that gives you a lot of room so you can move around. Loose-fitting works best for you.

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