8 Types Of Men Pants That You Should Know

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Unlike women, men usually prefer to wear one type of clothing over and over with a comfortable reason and do not want to bother. One item that is often used repeatedly is pants. Immediately see the 8 types of men’s pants that you should know!

  1. Formal Pants


Formal pants actually consist of two types, namely pleated and flat front (flat without pleated). Formed pleated formal trousers are usually rarely used or avoided because it can make the lower body look very large and not fit in the body

  1. Khaki Pants


Khaki is the name of a brown derived color, which is a mixture of yellow and light brown, generally colored like sand or dust. Initially these men’s pants are used for military purposes. Khaki pants are perfect for use in the office because they are suitable for formal look.

  1. Corduroy Pants


Corduroy pants are pants made of corduroy. Corduroy fabric is a textile consisting of twisted fibers, made of thick cotton fabric that has a fine texture. These pants can be worn when relaxed.

  1. Cargo Pants


Cargo pants originally used the British army because it has a lot of pockets that serve to bring goods such as radio and ammunition. In subsequent developments, cargo pants are widely used outside the military and became popular in the 90s.

  1. Chino Pants


The chino pants are not the same as the khakis though many misunderstand them. The chino pants are made of a more synthetic material than khakis. These pants are lighter and tend to have narrower pieces and smaller or tapered ends, unlike khakis.

  1. Jeans Pants


Jeans are the most widely worn by men and women. Usually these pants are worn in the relax moment. Jeans made of denim, dungaree, and cotton. The first popular jeans maker is Jacob Davis, a tailor, and Levi Strauss, a successful immigrant from Germany, who eventually patented jeans on behalf of both of them

  1. Drawstring Pants


Drawstrings are pants that are usually worn around the house to exercise, the material can be used as pajamas to sleep. These casual pants are very comfortable to wear, relax but still stylish. The material of these pants is usually cotton.

  1. Jogger Pants


Jogger pants have a characteristic in its opening leg that uses rubber. When using these pants, you should use sneakers.

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